Been thinking a lot lately about the distinction between sitting with your discomfort and wallowing in it, and how unfortunately the distinction between the two when viewed from the outside is that the latter is often more satisfyingly performative than the former even though it's the less healthy or productive of the two.

Distinction between "I want you to not make your discomfort my responsibility" vs "I want to see and verify your discomfort".

@joshmillard hum not sure if this is along the same line of what you are talking about but when working with student peers or younger students, curate two phrases around these ideas

The first is "Lean into Discomfort, Lean into Each other"

The second is "Create a Brave Space", which involves learning to be vulnerable and admitting what you don't know, and in turn i suppose admitting you are uncomfortable and naming that

and maybe these ideas are useful for you to build on


@joshmillard of course, maybe the "naming" is part of internal work (rather than something that needs to be externally as you mentioned).

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