was v easy to set up, took me ten minutes and i never did anything with a command prompt before tbh. thnx @yarmo

connecting to mastodon takes me like 3 minutes to do :>

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@pixouls @yarmo Oh, that's a rad service! Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

@pixouls @yarmo I tried as well for the keyoxide but it keeps on showing my DNS & pleroma as unverified. Any idea’s? ( )

@jeroen seems like the DNS is missing the last digit (9). As for Pleroma, not sure yet, I'll have to look into that a bit deeper.


@yarmo @pixouls OK, silly mistake. I also managed to lose my GPG key (I know… something about btrfs partitions and reinstalling your OS once too many times). I redid it and DNS works now.. just Pleroma stays unverified.

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