Self Care Check List
A page where all there is to do is click check boxes
That's it

Open to suggestions, language or things to add to the list

BGM: "Sad Premonition / Lilium" || haruka nakamura

- Rest easy

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@pixouls This is quite a cool resource! Thank you for creating it. 💙
I must admit though that the fact some of these check boxes need to be check if a task *has been* completed, while others are phrased in such a way that they should be checked if a task *needs* completing, confuses me more than it should. 😂
For example, compare "Have you washed your sheets, PJs, towels, and/or other laundry within the past three weeks?" (check if completed) to "Are there batteries that need to be charged?" (check if needs completing).
That honestly doesn't matter though. It's just a random thing I noticed.

@Mayana youre totally right. But also I ironically was very sleepy making this at 2 am when I should be asleep and couldn't get into a language debate with myself. I had ideas but brain machine didn't want to make correct logic 🐟 I'll fix it next time I update or something.

@pixouls No worries! It does its job no matter what the phrasing is. 🙂
If you do decide to rephrase it though, I think the "Have you" language you used for the first few examples could work well for most of the others, at least in the Space category.
"If you need to charge any batteries, have you done so?" for example.

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