y'all know any library, archival, or digital humanities related podcasts? >_> Preferably BIPOC

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@pixouls There's @fossandcrafts (caveat, I co-host) but the hosts are not BIPOC (though several of the guests have been, but I realize that's not the same).

If there are people you think we should interview (especially BIPOC!) we'd be interested... but, I'm also interested in hearing other good podcasts recommendations in this area if you have them!

@cwebber @fossandcrafts thanks for your transparency. I'm interested in getting into F(L)OSS since I have no background on that as well and so will definitely check y'all out. Some groups I might recommend getting in contact with SAADA, the ACTUP Oral History project and Third world newsreel. Not sure which of these groups fall right in line with y'alls interests since I haven't listened to your podcast content yet

@pixouls @fossandcrafts Sounds promising. :) @mlemweb tends to be more on the academic / digital humanities side of things, so may be a better judge of which projects to bring on there... we'll try to take a look though. Thanks for your recommendations!

this is my moment to hype the nicest library boss i've met, Baharak Yousefi, who appears in a few podcasts
i can also certify that BY is a delight to speak with, if you are a lowly library clerk trying to open the supplies cupboard for more staples

@pixouls Organizing Ideas podcast has one BIPOC team member

Material Memory has a number of BIPOC guests in this season and I believe last season? That season was about indigenous languages.

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