Howdy Folx, here's an from me!

I am an engineering and environmental studies student. I'm currently interested in digital humanities and archival as well as city planning. I work in energy efficiency strategy and as a program assistant for an LGBTQ+ online community org.

I am , , , and Burmese Chinese.

I like to make bracelets, listen to math rock, learn about the early internet, explore create. I dabble in graphic design and digital art as well.

I have never used a status focused social media platform before. I look forward to learning along with you all and growing in community.

@pixouls welcome! Cool math rock! Always on the lookout for tips there ➗➖➕

@wendy thanks! I recommend this playlist i made to you. it is not exclusively math rock, but it has a certain vibe to it. let me know if you like it!

@pixouls Ooh city planning! Me I work with trains! And I sorta regret not having taken more city planning classes when I had the opportunity, so a big welcome 😊

@azaliz oh delightful! thanks for the warm welcome, i love trains! don't have specific city planning courses at my uni atm, working off being self taught.

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