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1K ⭐ GLOWING STAR for Movim on Github !

Movim is a great project which deserves a lot more attention and support - Jaussoin Timothée alias edhelas, the main developer, does a geat job.

#movim #foss #socialnetwork #messenger #xmpp

@StefOfficiel @imacrea Regarde aussi du côté de , c'est et c'est assez customisable

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It's here...! The latest release of Snikket supports voice and video calling out of the box! ☎📽

If you're upgrading the server from a previous release, check out the upgrade notes:

Setting up a new server? Check out the quick start guide:

The latest app update is already in Google Play. F-Droid users keep a look out for it arriving soon!

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[#Surveillance] "Ce que les pouvoirs gagnent à tout savoir de nos vies", avec Bernard Harcourt par Xavier de La Porte, 38 minutes, émission "Le code a changé" sur #FranceInter (20/04/2020), transcription @aprilorg
➡️ #DonneesPersonnelles #ViePrivee #GAFAM #GAFA #BigTechs

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Ditto, Brave: they may not see what you’re browsing but they make money by allowing insight of your behaviour to be used to manipulate you.

Privacy exists to protect the weak from manipulation by the powerful. Manipulation by proxy is still manipulation.

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As a reminder, because #Matrix announced today that several millions venture capital is floating to their dev team at NewVector.

Most of the infrastructure of matrix is depending on centralized service.

Self hosting will not help you with that, unless you exclude any federation with and any other instance that uses cloudflare and any instance that doesn't use cloudflare but federates with one that does and nobody you communicate with uses riot at and...


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Hey people who run ISPs and other businesses that offer hosting services, have you thought about putting a small fraction of your revenue into a fund (managed by you or with a consortium of others) that can be used to pay developers to work on some of the free code software you business depends on? Particularly those components that quietly do their job in the background, and struggle to get funded any other way.

@0 @stevenroose @bjoern I'm genuinely curious why as an administrator one would need to go through the RFCs and XEPs

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Il faut relocaliser et déprolétariser le numérique • Commission d’enquête Covid-19

Dans le cadre de la Commission d’enquête de suivi du Covid-19 lancée par les parlementaires de la France insoumise, Sabine Rubin députée de la France insoumise et Alexandre Schon du groupe thématique Numérique de la France insoumise auditionnaient @pyg (Pierre-Yves Gosset), président de @Framasoft.

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Mais pourquoi des actions #antipub ? 🤔

👉Car Le système publicitaire est écocidaire ☠️, aliénant 🥴 et anti-démocratique 😬
(coucou @RAPasso 😊)

Par ces actions, nous voulons réaffirmer que c'est à NOUS de décider de l'organisation de notre société, et dans le respect du vivant et de la planète 😌

Rejoignez nous ✊

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@hund @Muto I have to admit, as a developer, OMEMO is definitely not the first thing I want to tackle. It's big, it's complex, the version still in use wasn't really well specified (fortunately there's been some progress on this end lately), and I mostly hear about OMEMO from a quick-tempered / touchy crowd. So really not appealing :)
All of this doesn't say anything about the importance/legitimacy of OMEMO or other e2ee mechanisms, of course.

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On fait semblant de découvrir avec le cas Laetitia Aviva les comportements de "ces gens là".
(voir le thread de David Dufresne ici : )

Mais encore une fois, il ne s'agit pas de "dérapages" ou de "comportements individuels" à condamner.
Aviva, Grivaux, Castner, Blanquer etc, ils se permettent ça pour deux raisons : parce que l'exemple vient d'en haut (on ne compte plus les "dérapages" de E.Macron, fondamentalement méprisant, raciste, condescendant).
Mais c'est 1/2

@yojimbo @strypey @yojimbo @strypey Incidentally the lockdown hasn't really changed bandwidth usage. I've seen a few graphs of when this happened. I assume Netflix complied because they didn't want to make too much noise. @bortzmeyer

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Cet après-midi, nous sommes devant le Conseil Constitutionnel pour détruire la #HADOPI.

Enfin \o/

C'est l'aboutissement de 10 ans de combat contre cette autorité absurde qui n'existe que par la surveillance de masse.


Ce genre de services va malheureusement rester utilisé par un nombre limité d'individus plus ou moins techniques / intéressés (peut-être étendu à leurs familles). Ça néglige la masse d'utilisateurs qui ne savent pas se défendre eux-mêmes.


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Mercredi 13 mai, la loi "haine" de Laetitia Avia
passe en lecture définitive à l'Assemblée Nationale

Il s'agit désormais d'une loi antiterroriste.

La police pourra exiger aux sites Web de censurer en 1h n'importe quelle vidéo/texte qu'elle jugera "terroriste"

a publié un compte-rendu à propos de l’incident majeur survenu à la fin du mois d’Avril :

I am curious if your conclusion then is to have everything mandatory in the protocol without extension.

We all know it is working great for e.g., Matrix. With its reference client or server that somewhat follow the standard, but often are what the standard will become. And other clients and servers left behind trying to catch up on specs (or not) with only part of the features.

Protocols are bound to evolve, and not all implementations are born equal with equal purpose. Hence I think extensions and a discovery mechanism are necessary.

I am sure XMPP is not perfect and still has many pitfalls, but its extension mechanism is definitely a strength.

It's obvious that a notification system won't be able to interop with some multi-party A/V implementation for example and that's perfectly fine. (Let's not forget that XMPP is not just IM.)

If you want IM solutions that interop properly, maybe look into Compliance Suites that the XSF releases as extensions, or product lines such as, or Tigase products?

@debacle @riking @bjoern

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