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We documented how to use @dino in Tails.

#Dino is being considered as an option to replace Pidgin in Tails.

Please report your findings!

I'm starting an anonymous free association. Whoever wants to contribute use the hash tag! There is no membership.

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Today in , `adduser` instead of `useradd` as a subcommand of a project I appreciate.

For you who didn't know, `adduser` isn't packaged alongside `useradd` in the shadow package. The main repository seems to be on like many Debian tools. However helpful it may be.

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Climate Anxiety Is an Overwhelmingly White Phenomenon by Sarah Jaquette Ray

'The prospect of an unlivable future has always shaped the emotional terrain for Black and brown people, whether that terrain is racism or change. Climate change compounds existing structures of injustice, and those structures exacerbate climate change. Exhaustion, anger, hope—the effects of oppression and resistance are not unique to this climate moment. What *is* unique is that people who had been insulated from oppression are now waking up to the prospect of their own unlivable future.'

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« Ici, on compte pas ses heures » : la question à poser, quand on vous dit ça, c'est « et vous comptez pas les sous non plus, où ça marche que dans un sens ? »

@devnull @Aznorth
J'imagine qu'une somme pareille serait déclarée. Y'a environ 50% qui partent en cotisations et impôts. Je n'ai pas spécialement d'avis sur le montant demandé (je vis avec beaucoup moins), je vois juste souvent cette erreur.

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Reputation-based federation

Instances you're closer to (interact with more) have higher reputation. Instances with users that your users thumb down/block a lot have lower reputation. Instances that are blocked by your high-rep instances have v low reputation.

Once a low threshold is hit, admin is asked if they want to mute/defed from the low rep instance.

Reputation isn't global, you can't measure the 'overall' rep of an instance, it's all relative to the instance you're looking from.


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1. New VC-backed startup enters the scene
2. People flock to it
3. They discover it’s a surveillance capitalist (and still have no clue what that is)
4. They’re shocked (because, see 3)
5. It’s too late, they’re too big and they’ve exited
6. Goto 1



@nebunez @celia
If this happens when changing the theme it seems it's a known issue and you need to restart for it to take effect entirely. It would be nice to fix this one way or another though indeed. If that's not the case then maybe you can try joining and they'll be happy to help you

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Hey! I caught this thread in the gajim room. Do you think one of you could screenshot maybe? or be slightly more precise, so we have an idea of what to fix (and possibly how) :)

hey! thanks! you're welcome to join the chat as well if you have any idea how to improve it!

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Five months after Gajim 1.2.2, we’re proud to announce the release of Gajim 1.3.0! Many new features have been developed since, including a complete redesign of both Gajim’s Preferences window and configuration backend, an all new Profile window, support for Chat Markers, a new user interface for voice/video calls, and much more.

#xmpp #chat #opensource

Please join! Dunno if we'd host that on this infra or separately but we can have a chat! :)

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Cette démission est inquiétante. À sa création, la CNIL devait être un contre-pouvoir aux tentations sécuritaires de l'État dont elle est aujourd'hui l'architecte. Une question se pose alors : à quoi sert encore la CNIL ?

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@xosem @debian @dino Debian releases a new “Stable” suite about every 2 years. Changes that occurred during this lapse are generally included in this new suite but it's not automatic (depends on people doing the work). So if you want changes to come to you more often, maybe Debian is not a good solution for you? Or maybe you can use the backports channel as I suggested, or different software repositories:

@xosem @debian @dino Hey, maybe it is time to consider using a different distribution, or using methods (backports, different software repositories) to workaround features of this distribution, if you feel this way about not getting new features right away :)

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@vdr Bonjour, #Signal a été débordé par les demandes d'inscriptions avec pour conséquence des problèmes de SMS. #Signal est un logiciel libre avec du chiffrement fort mais il est aussi totalement centralisé…
À la place vous pouvez essayer XMPP (chat, chiffrement, salons, audio, video, etc.) :

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