Among people who know about (use, have heard, etc.), how many of you know what the XSF is?

(fr) Désolé j'ai oublié les traductions !
Parmis les gens qui connaissent (qui utilisent, ou qui en ont entendu parler, etc.), connaissez-vous la XSF ?
- Non
- Entendu parler, mais pas trop sûr de ce qu'ils font
- Oui

(ja) 翻訳を忘れてしまいました!

を知ってる人の中で XSF が何かわかる人?
- いいえ
- 聞いたことあるが何が分からない
- はい

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Thanks all for participating!

Removing the 9% (22 votes) of "Just show me the results", I get 63.7% of No, 14.3% of Maybe, 22% of Yes. That's about 2/3 of No and less than I was expecting to be honest with this very unscientific method.

The XSF is the XMPP Standards Foundation, Though mostly aimed at developers (users of the protocol), I invite you to skim through the mission statement if it's of any interest to you

Disclaimer: I am a board member of the XSF.

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(de) Wie viele von euch die #XMPP kennen (es nutzen, davon gehört haben, etc.) wissen was die XSF ist?

- Nein
- Ja ein bisschen weiß aber nicht genau was die machen
- Ja
- Zeig mir einfach das Ergebnis

@pep I guessed right. But I didn't know of it before.

@BartG95 It's no surprise that a majority doesn't know what this is. I'd rather be surprised if it were the other way around. I wanted to see for myself anyway (of course knowing that it's a somewhat biased sample) 🙂

@pep Heh I voted no but, after looking it up, I do lol. I just didn't associate it with the acronym

@pep Thank you for your post, and your contribution to the XSF. In my very humble opinion, XMPP is an important part of the fabric of the internet that needs to be maintained, extended and improved to allow people free and open communication wherever they live.

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