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I'm using Arch and want to use packages as config management-ish for a project 'foo'.

Say a package 'bar' drops a config file, which it then owns, possibly declaring it as 'backup' but it doesn't really matter here. Currently the only way for me to work around this in my foo-bar package is to use {pre,post}_{install,upgrade,remove} hooks to override the file and maybe restore it on removal.

What I would want is to be able to say "the bar package declared this file but really it's foo-bar that owns it" (I think).

I was looking for something à la dpkg-divert (which doesn't exist in Arch), to be able to say "/path/file1 is now moved to /path/file2, and whatever package that was owning file1 now owns it at file2."

This doesn't look enough to me though as it would still require package hooks, (specifically pre_install) to use "pacman-divert". Maybe something a bit
more integrated in the package would help. Is that a thing in Debian?


This article also covers the current method with hooks:


Ok I was just told in debian in this case, my foo-bar package would use dpkg-divert during preint and postrm. That confirms some of the questions.

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