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5. Bespoke dev gets swallowed up by Epic or some other big corp, and maintenance is taken over by community. They are both there and not there. See: SuperCollider

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4. Epic squeezes Bespoke from the original owner. They say fine you can have it, I'll just do it again. Owner builds a smaller more humble version, but with an enthusiastic and thriving community, and maybe gets more involved in academic circles. See: PureData.

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3. Bespoke dev will quit Epic and work on Bespoke full time. Trying to make a living developing indie FLOSS music software isn't impossible, but it's very close. Usually some kind of honest compromises are made to make ends meet. Sometimes they are well received, sometimes they are not. See: VCV Rack, Ardour.

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2. Epic will try to buy or sponsor Bespoke. This is a double edged sword. Short term, you see a lot of progress and changes. Long term, usually these projects stop being themselves. The original creator will stay on for a while, but they will not own it or have full control. This will cause them to eventually lose interest, burn out, and work on new projects. When this happens, Bespoke is dead. It will either get cannibalized by Epic, or sold to some other company. See: JUCE.

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There are a few outcomes I see:

1a. I am wrong. Epic will continue to let Bespoke thrive naturally and do whatever it wants because "it's no big deal bro, chill out. Bespoke is awesome!". In this timeline, Firefly has 4 seasons will a satisfying story arc.

1b. Bespoke continues doing it's thing somehow, but community moderation becomes difficult as it grows and it leads to burnout. See: Non DAW, LMMS.

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I hate to be a downer, and this definitely a jealous take, but like, how can that last? I've seen this story play out before.

Harmonix may or may not have been a chill company in Cambridge MA, but Epic is certainly not. Bespoke is a decade old passion project with a recent boost in popularity and a community growing around. Tech companies simply don't let their software engineers do things like this without some sort of quid pro quo.

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A little jealous that the developer of Bespoke gets to work on this open source side project AND get paid as a software engineer at Harmonix (recently acquired by Epic), getting paid as a software engineer in the music tech space. In my experience, that sort of arrangement with an employer is really tough to pull off.

Puff pastry and homemade poptart season is upon us.

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The original creator of non DAW is still getting harassments, despite taking down the project back in February:

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Adding a coding conventions page for . Mostly it's about naming conventions I've settled on. But I spend some time talking about the typical way I structure literate programs for these algorithms:

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Sourcehut is giving me SSL cert errors when I try to pull/clone. Any workarounds?

Fair question: what is the point of using a VM to make music?

Moving past the answers that are variations of "just for fun", I believe a VM is the ideal way to capture non-linear musical thinking.

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I have this vague notion of trying to use the VM as a musical sequencer.

The gist of it would work like this: spawn an instance of the uxn VM inside of an audio DSP ugen that takes in an audio-rate clock signal, and then load a ROM into it. Every time the clock ticks, it runs the uxn program until it reaches a halt statement. The program would then be able to somehow have some sort of I/O that would allow it to write sequences. You'd have to make sure that the program does halt, eventually (In the past, I've hard-coded a maximum number of instructions per tick before breaking).

I've explored this concept of using a VM for music a few times myself, but uxn is far more developed VM than anything I've ever done, with much better tooling.

Previous works of mine include SeqVM (VM for making sequences), trigvm (a VM for making rhythmic trigger signals, built to be programmed on the monome grid in a program I wrote called trig):

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