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"A stranger is just a friend you haven't taken candy from!"

- Jake the Dog, Adventure Time

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hey fediverse! does anybody know of a command line interface for interacting with org-mode tasks? I'm trying to figure out a way to script things like "add a new task," "complete a task" etc

#askFedi #emacs #orgmode
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anyone know of any audio sizecoding tricks/blogs about the topic

Somewhere, in some editing room floor, there is footage of me explaining the concept of software freedom to GZA.

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I'm almost tempted to put 'was on a reality TV show with GZA' on the awards/achievements section of my resume.

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Procraftination: Engaging in hobby crafts as a form of procrastination.

Dad: can I borrow a keyboard?

Me: sure! I've got a few. Let me-

Dad: ...with labelled keys?

Me: ah.

Thinking about ways to make data structures and algorithms more interesting for me to learn.


Will never not get tired of well-proofed croissants that just love to puff up in size.

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Yes, I'm asking for help, and it's hard: Rebooting my Life (long) 

TL;DR: I survived a ridiculous run of overwhelming, life threatening BS and need help rebuilding myself to live in the "real world" that I keep hearing about.

I could write a novel about things that have gone wrong in the last decade, so I'll give a still-brief sum up: about 10 years ago I survived Stage IV and II cancers with about a 30% survival chance. I worked full time through all of it. After recovering my ex took nearly everything I owned after we moved to their family home after I lost my job. On the way back to family, my car died and I had to sell it for food/shelter after which family took me in. I have been without work, permanent housing, and income for 4 years. I'm done listening to people who have convinced me that I'm a failure and should just give up and live with my emotionally abusive family.

A while back I asked for help on a kofi to get my hosting costs covered for professional / self promotion, portfolio building, and learning. I'm asking again for funding to get the next items to pull myself up: Educational books, related software, and maybe even a phone that doesn't randomly reboot and hosting isn't bottom tier.

I have a kofi, and while the page itself focuses on my music goals what I'm really shooting for here is getting into InfoSec and/or DevOps.

Please feel free to pass around and drop some coin my way. I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you for reading this, donating, and boosting.

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I’m in the mood to read non-stallman free software centric philosophy. does anyone have any recommendations? I just read through but it left me sort of wanting more.

I think there’s a coherent philosophy that spans leftism, federation, free software, “smolcomputing” and morality just waiting to be born.

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kids, probably: wow those games look so shitty

me: well you gotta play them on a shitty tv and then it cancels itself out and looks good, actually

synthwave from scratch, WIP, lead sounds 

Continuations on my Synthwave From Scratch project, where I build a Synthwave track from "scratch" without a DAW, using open source DSP code in C, with some scripting languages on top.

I've added an initial lead sound to my track, but I haven't programmed the melody so it's just a single note. The lead is a particularly distinct feature with the synthwave genre, so it's important to get this one right. Both in timbre and in feel.

It seems the base of this sound is typically a modulated pulse oscillator put through some kind of chorus. I have a really nice sounding bandlimited square wave oscillator that worked quite well, but it goes against the rules of this month's (wavetable synthesis only). So, I went with a wavetable oscillator that uses phase distortion synthesis. It has a similar characteristic.

The way vibrato and pulse modulation behaves in the lead sound is key to getting it to feel right. This also influences the kinds of melodies that work. So actually sequencing will come next.

It also helps to dunk the lead in a very bright very large artificial reverb.

It's been on HN for a few hours with minimal reception. Which is a bit disappointing.

Again, putting aside the fact that Facebook is Facebook, there are some very compelling things being done here.

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A language like K, as opposed to APL, is much smaller, and probably better fit for this. the author written reference for K, which assumes familiarity with APL, fits entirely on my screen, and probably yours! it's also a single text file:

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Facebook AI just released textless NLP for expressive speech generation. The applications and intentions behind this research are obviously ethically questionable, but the whole approach of analyzing audio signals directly rather than using some intermediate representation or labeling is interesting to me from a computer music perspective.

Music machine learning projects like Google Magenta rely on things like MIDI, which, like text vs speech, leave much to be desired.

I could imagine some very interesting outcomes using similar approaches to generate expressive melodies on monophonic instruments, via skipping the MIDI/MusicXML/ABC representation entirely and training on recordings of real performances.

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