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This weather has been so draining for me. Wow.

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I'm interested in different ways of aligning sequences at the moment.. Anyone have insights or references into areas of research/practice or whatever that have tried to enumerate all the ways?

Making croissants in 94F humid weather. What a rush.

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Do you sometimes wish there were a small cooking wiki where we could all add recipes? Collaborate on something almost all of us do: food preparation.
Well, if you're interested, I have a food wiki where I'm very slowly adding recipes of stuff I keep preparing.
I created it a while ago as a proof of concept because I was talking to @pinkprius and @wion about public recipe sites that are full of ads and trackers. I just never switched it off, so we can still use it.
If you do add recipes of yours, I'll make sure there's an easy option to download the entire wiki. 😆

In what will almost certainly be an idea I will eventually regret, I am now able to dynamically generate and embed 1-bit PNG images in my static wiki engine:

After all the experiments I've done setting up a camera rig, I've conceded that the hand scanner is the better fit for my needs in just about every way.

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From a creative workflow perspective, I like this because all the creative thinking happens away from the computer. Lately I've found creative computing pursuits can benefit from a certain amount of detachment from the medium. Computers can sometimes get in the way of themselves.

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Dynamically stitched together a PDF of individually scanned pages using my zettelkasten. Very satisfying to view on my phone.

So now the workflow looks pen/paper -> portable scanner -> zettelkasten -> PDF

Right now I just tested it on reading notes, but I'm really excited to use this as a way to manage creative ideas.

It took me only 20 minutes to roll out and cut this fresh eggless pasta. That's gotta be a new record for me.

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The Bart & Homer climate meme going around is a bit doomy for our taste. Here's a better version!

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#introduction Hi I'm Paul, aka @paul

I'm a computer music composer and researcher, currently interested in what it means for computers to "sing".

I've been a big fan of the Merveilles community for years, and I'm excited to be amongst you all now :)


Been trying to compensate for the hot and humid weather for proofing croissants in the morning. Less boiling water in the tray for steaming.

The result is croissants that don't expand as much, but also retain their form and don't melt. Layering is much better too.

Bumped my gel pen from 0.5mm to 0.7mm. The difference is not subtle.

The thing I'll miss is the contrast in thickness between my brush pen and my gel pen. It made things pop. But other than that, it feels great to write with. I very much like working with broad strokes.

How does Vinnie do it in "Seven Days"? So smooth.

Can anyone recommend a good single speed folding bike?

Never meet your heroes. Or, as I like to put it sometimes: let your heros be heroes.

Heron double checking to make sure they smell fresh. Just like the rest of us.

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It was once thought that pterodactyls were mammals similar to bats, and these 1843 drawings by Edward Newman depicted them with screaming possum faces.

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CLIs are only popular because gui design stagnated. guis could be just as accessible, composable, understandable, keyboardable, copy pastable, *visable* loggable as CLIs. just no one has.. tried!

gui elements could log to a console. you should be able to type them in. we should be able to log charts graphs and pictures. why are we settling for a 1970s typewriter emulator that can’t even cope with mouse input in any way other than a hacky way?


Had half of a fresh Maine crab meat roll a few days ago. Still thinking about it.

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