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I love how Massachusetts has Wild Suburban Turkeys. They are such goofy animals.

They definitely weren't always here. I can remember them suddenly showing up in the neighborhood like ~12-15 years ago.

My silly conspiracy theory is that they were planted here by the government because it's our state bird (or was at the time).

If I can figure out a way to get it cut and smoothed to size, I think it'd be a perfect glass for my homebrew scanning setup I've been developing.

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Someone was tossing out a display case of some kind? It was in shambles on the curb. Amongst the bits were these glass 1/4 inch thick doors. Very timely, since I was looking up glass sheets a few days ago. Based on my shopping experience, these doors are worth hundreds of dollars in glass. Glass ain't cheap. Naturally, I took one to hoard.

Billie Eilish was an interesting choice for a Bond Singer, and "No Time to Die" is a really different Bond Song.

Normally, Bond Singers are strong and assertive. They take up a large space in the mix and eclipse the orchestra.

The vibe that Eilish gives off in her performance is basically the opposite of this: broken and withdrawn. They still make her huge in the mix. It kind of comes across as someone with a camera zooming in on someone crying in a corner across the room. I almost feel like I'm disrupting something. And apparently, so does the orchestra, mixed in a way that it tiptoes around her.

Finished reading the first half of The Algorithm Design Manual By Skiena a few days ago. Finished typing up my notes today:

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so... do you want a cute open hardware 7" computer with mechanical keyboard and optional LTE/5G connectivity?! what would you do with it?


"If we continue business as usual, Amazon will deplete the available labor supply in the US network by 2024"

MIDI feels like a unified standard until you start asking companies where middle C is.

Audio plugin development seems like exhausting work to me. I don't mind the DSP math, and the flavor of tedium that goes into implementing these algorithms. But the audio plugin that encases that work just seems bleh to me.

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subtext: I saw the post about CLAP on HN. I've actually been passively following the CLAP project for a while now. It seems to have grown quite a bit since I last looked at it. Some might look at this and say "it is better because it does more". I look at it and get tired.

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I don't care much for audio plugins. They solve the wrong kinds of problems, and you end up with brittle workflows.

Give me a self-contained, batteries-included monolith, featuring a rich ecosystem of sound making components and tools.

I actually managed to find a better glass sheet. I added some tape around the borders, and gave it a loop to make it easy to lift up and down. Gravity makes the hinge.

Won't be able to actually test this out until a few weeks at the earliest. I still have these journals to get through.

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As it turns out, I do have some thick glass that is just a few cm too short for the journals I'd use them with. But, it's enough to get a feel. Here it is, loosely placed with the current setup I'm using. There is some glare, so I'd have to redo the lighting. I think I could figure out a way to quickly lift the glass and turn the page.

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Scanner: self contained, very consistent, very clear. Cheaper. No processing required after.

Camera: more lighting control, RAW output support. Potentially more portable? HDMI out. Clicker.

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I learned yesterday that you can order thick slabs of glass sheet cut to spec online. It could probably be used in my evolving book scanning setup. But at that point, one has to ask "why not use an actual scanner?"

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Towing rabbit in a halved coconut on a calm day at sea, for funsies.

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if you think its crazy that google put a guy on leave for saying their AI was sentient,, wait til you hear about all the ethics researchers that google has fired because they said their AI was racist

There is a definitely a grapefruit juice shortage in my area.

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