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At my risotto post. Cannot leave my risotto post. Must keep stirring.

I hacked in ctrl-l to set focus to the URL bar. It still needs to be cleared, but it turns out ctrl-u does that. Took me about 45min of work. And I've never seen the netsurf codebase before.

Imagine doing something that with a browser like Firefox or Chrome. You can't, can you?

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The dev version of netsurf still uses the same weird build system that I remember. But I appreciate the smoother Makefile bundling in the source code distribution.

Normally I wouldn't be a fan of this, but it's got a lot of moving parts, and it's a web browser that actually builds and runs on my computer. So, it gets a pass.

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Netsurf framebuffer mode is actually very impressive, and the build system has gotten a lot more sane in recent versions. My wiki renders pretty well inside of it.

Biggest gripe is the keyboard layout seems to be hardcodes to UK. I'd love to be able to fix that. Also, the keyboard shortcuts don't seem to work. I miss having Ctrl-L to type in a new address.

Links -g still is surprisingly effective for HTML 1.0 websites. It even has image rendering support!

video conferencing 

If you're not talking, mute your microphone. It's been well over a year of this sort of stuff. Why is this so difficult.

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Introducing: The Fudge Log, where I log my feeble attempts to make old fashioned fudge:

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Pixar Film about a sentient radiator in upstate New York who wants to move to the Big City and pursue a career in standup comedy.

Working Title: Warm Up.

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1001 Sounds from my Homemade Modular Synthesizer - FREE SAMPLE PACK
~~ Boosts appreciated! ~~

Over the years I have spent many hours recording sounds from my homemade modular synth and have loved every minute of it. I have used them in basically all music I've made since 2015! Often they require some tweaking to fit into a mix, but they have been an endless source of inspiration for me.

I'm sharing them with the world because I love these sounds and I want to spread that love. I have benefited so much from the open source community and want to give back! While I'm not much of a coder, I _do_ know how to make sounds. I hope that you'll find some uses for these weird sounds.

This pack contains around 1001 audio files along with sfz-format sampler instruments for many of them

~~ Boosts appreciated! ~~

I've been using as an opportunity to actually try and use my experimental zettelkasten for managing my sample library. Each sample I've used has been tagged and annotated with timestamped observations in my zet. To date, my zet tells me I've done this process to 80 unique samples in my novembeats.

The zet is same technology that powers my static HTML wiki, so there a little bit of a wiki component too! I will be posting those bits to my website. The samples, for practical storage and legal reasons, can't be included. But things are definitely starting to come together!

novembeat day 12 

(Yes, I have been watching Dune.)

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novembeat day 12 

day 12

Of great extent; very spacious or large; also, huge in bulk; immense; enormous; as, the vast ocean; vast mountains;

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In true Tartarus fashion, the pot, once checked, addressed, and mourned, would then reset itself and go back to being a pot on an active stove, thus resetting the loop.

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My personal hell will be forever forgetting about a pot I left simmering on the stove for hours, only to suddenly realize after it's too late.

mad max fury road, spoilers 

just watched this again tonight. one thing I'm getting from this watch is how heavy handed they are with symbolism. I mean, the whole plot could be geographically plotted on fury road. Home, detour, supposed destination, return back to home.

I kind of dig it. It was clearly done in a very deliberate way.

It makes the whole film feel a lot more Epic.

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