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In a surprising twist of fate, I really did screw it up! I ended up with something the consistency of a Tootsie roll. I blame it on relying the analog candy thermometer instead of the digital one I usually use. Binned it. Trying again tomorrow.

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Every time I make fudge, I think I screwed it up and then it turns out okay.

I'm pretty sure I screwed it up today though.

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If you're used to centralised networks like Facebook, you may be wondering why Mastodon and the Fediverse are spread across thousands of sites. Why not just have a single site where people sign up?

There are many important reasons, but maybe the most important is this:

Networks on single sites tend to be bought by bad people when they get popular 😠

It happened to Instagram (bought by Facebook), it happened to Whatsapp (bought by Facebook), it happened to YouTube (bought by Google). It can happen to ANYTHING built entirely around one site.

No matter how much you trust the people who run a site, when someone offers them billions of dollars they may just take the money.

Decentralised networks, where there is no central site, are much more resistant to buyouts.

No one owns the global email network, thousands of indie players like @Tutanota and @protonmail are able to offer alternatives, and if one provider behaves badly you can switch to a different provider.

#FediTips #Fediverse

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massive library of chiptunes and midis with an oldschool DOS style player as a web app.
(it has a neat spectrum analyser too!)


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f(x,y) = (~(((18 % y) * (x * x)) % ((x + y) * (~x)))) % 9

Extent: 256x256 (scaled x2)

"Onebit" colouring scheme.

day 10

Thinking about: revisiting sounds from day 6 , and non-linear tempos from day 4. 7/8 grooves.

My notation for these gestures and sequences is starting to resemble notelists, so it seems I've nearly come full circle back to Csound. BUT there's also some indentation and tree structures involved, so that's new!

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I also made it so that weights could be modified in relative terms using percentages (such as "make this note increase the temporal weight by 50 percent"). This has made it possible to easily express timings and fluctuations that are very small and nuanced.

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3 voice lines singing a loop 8, 10, and 11 beats in duration, which causes this phasing isorhythmic effect.

Each line has a sort of gravitational field which fluctuates the global tempo to emphasize particular notes in the phrase. Each line does this at different parts, so they will collide and layer up together to create these really interesting emergent behaviors.

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day 9

thinking about: isorhythms, riders of rohan (apparently?), breathy altos

I'll need to allocate some time studying bass sound design. SeamlessR had a "how to bass" video tutorial series some years ago with some very compelling bass sounds. I've been meaning to try and reverse engineer some of those using my own DSP.

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This mix keeps sounding worse the more I listen to it lol

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day 8

"Mombasa" from the Inception Soundtrack (Hans Zimmer) was stuck in my head. So I stole it and reworked my own version of it as a loop, with some layered in there.

If you eat an unfrosted cinnamon roll, did you even eat one at all?

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day 7

thinking about: gospel, 3-part harmony, the times they are a changin', minor 6th chords.

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day 6

thinking about: 16th note shuffle, electro-swing, caravan palace. scat singing, glitch-hop, max martin.

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