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Now with targets applied. Those abrupt line discontinuities scream "I'm off by one ya goof!"

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Here is a plot of the underlying ramptree signal. You can clearly see the ramp rhythmic groupings here.

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Ramp Tree proof of concept is working now! These stupid sine chirps are a beautiful sound this morning after days of work.

What's going on: an external phasor signal (period ramp going 0-1) is going into the Ramp Tree, and the Ramp Tree is dynamically subdividing the phasor signal by analyzing and resynthesizing a new version.

To use some musical terms, what comes in as a signal pulsing at quarter notes comes out shaped as a 3/4 rhythmic phrase (1 measure): 2 eighth notes, a quarter notes, followed by 3 eighth note triplets.

The next step is to use these ramps as alpha values for linear interpolation. Then it'll be a real gesture!

This code base is getting prickly. I'm at the printf debugging and educated guess-and-check stage of the process. I am rapidly losing confidence that I know what is going on. Broad strokes, yes. Details and other minutiae? Ehh?

As is the case with some of my other projects, my hope is to understand enough of it just long enough to write it down coherently, so I may attempt to re-absorb what my previous self did.

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The ramp tree in my gesture sequencer is making a signal! It's the wrong signal, sure, but it's a signal!

"I like the way you talk, but you are crazy."

- Jake the Dog

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@rozina @rra a true lurker could also be carefully studying the environment before striking...

When you're boiling things off for a long period of time on a stove, always set a timer. Always set a timer!

I plugged in my RG350 into my computer to see what would happen, and it showed up as a network device. Turns out you can just SSH into it as root.

Very cool.

I got a chuckle out of this dated joke in the gilmore girls ep I'm watching: "Do you even have a payphone in this town? Or do you still rely on a town crier?"

Recently on HN I saw this site where you could "shop" for things using the amount of money Elon Musk has.

I think a neat project could involve that, but instead of money from a person, it could be computer resources from something like a pi4 or a midrange computer, and compare it to retro computing systems.

How many copies of Macintosh system 6 could you fit in RAM? How many gameboys could you play at once using the CPU? How long would it take to render a frame from the original toy story? etc. etc.

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On the RG350, I managed to get supertux sound to glitch after about a minute of use, which does not make my Pipedream of building little sound toys and micro composition apps for the platform very hopeful.

But, then again, when has supertux ever been a benchmark for realtime audio performance?

I like how Kirk from Gilmore Girls is the on-set greenscreen actor for Rocket in the Guardians of the Galaxy films. Such a Kirk job.

This is my first morning with the RG-350, have barely played any games on it, and I've already managed to find the input tester and buildroot setup on GH. Priorities.

Retrogamers, what are some GBA games I should check out?

Even with pillows, my feet are very sore after prolonged sitting on this kneeling bench today. They haven't fallen asleep though, which I think is a good sign? I'm hoping this means my feet just have to get used to being stretched that way.

Another piece from the same class.

According to the README I made, I'm actually the one playing upright bass in this!

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