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RT: This is all too often how UX design is considered and practiced.

Fun fact: I was briefly on a reality TV show with GZA from Wu-Tang clan. The show existed for like a minute before completely disappearing off the face of the earth.

I was mostly edited out in the final cut, but in theory, there is footage out there of me explaining to GZA what FLOSS is.

Still cracks me up that they produced a whole version of "All By Myself" in Lang Belta for the Expanse:

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In what will be a first for me, I'm posting the woven output of my kufic generator before publishing the codebase:

Most of the words were written well before a single line of code was created, so in theory it should flow pretty well as a document? It needs a proofread.

Here's my wiki page on kuf:

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Good progress on my geometric Kufic generator.

The fruits of my labor so far: a randomly generated 8x8 tile that is "technically correct" Kufic.

The next step is building a Kufic correction filter. Instead of generating a square from scratch, examine a preexisting tessellation of arbitrary size and make corrections where needed.

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animal pic therapy 

In case y'all need some relaxing visuals...

paul is here to distract you from the world (part 2) 

Other parts of my website:

The Loom is where I keep the woven output of many of my literate programs:

The Candy Crystal Rainbow Codex:

Sndkit: a growing collection of public domain audio DSP algorithms, implemented in ANSI C using a literate wiki style:

Sporthlings: a collection of etudes that I wrote in my stack-based audio programming language Sporth:

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paul is here to distract you from the world 

In case your brain needs something else to munch on, here are a few pages from my :

A chocolate pudding recipe which I've pretty much every 4 days for the past 5+ months:

A chai recipe I make from leftover black tea from breakfast:

Thoughtful programming:

Breathing Cards: an Audiovisual Etude Series:

Giblang: a nonsensical name generator in a few lines of Janet that I use to generate song titles:

Tiziku: an ambient audiovisual work I did in 2016, revisited in 2020:

A list of all the starting verbs in Knuth's METAFONT literate program (with counts):

Why I personally write programs in C:

Fractal Brownian Motion, implemented in C (using some utilities for generation):

Personal logs related to creation/creativity:

Links I've found interesting:

HTMLized twtxt feed:

Atkinson Dither in C:

An offline crossfade loop generator CLI, written in C:


Are there any best practices/recommendations for setting up a gemini server?

Apparently, this seems to be my workflow when writing creative software using .

Dreams/Thoughts->Audible Rambling->Doodles->Structure->Words->Code.

Talkbox code still works. Excellent :)

patchwerk nodes
[ : k 57 ; ]
"oneart.wav" wavin

k mtof 0.5 blsaw
k 4 + mtof 0.5 blsaw
k 2 + mtof 0.5 blsaw
k 7 + mtof 0.5 blsaw
k 12 + mtof 0.5 blsaw
k 24 - mtof 0.5 blsaw
-15 ampdb mul

1 talkbox

"test.wav" wavout

10 sr * _compute rep

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Anyone is using as some interface/environment for a personal or taking system that's more than just browsing/searching through a collection of files? (this is what I'm doing right now)

I'm currently looking for some inspiration/ideas/possibilities for keep using acme also for such usage, for some light -like usage, or something.

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Notes? *turns on music machine* where we're going, we don't need notes.

Giving my generative geometric (asemic) kufic script algorithm another peak after a six month (!) hiatus. I wrote out the entire procedure, now all it needs is an implementation. Currently working out the deets on that.

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Copypasta, but written in Belter Creole.

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