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Another morning of tortellini. Didn't bother to count this time, but it looks to be around another 100.

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3 months ago I built a little prototype text-mode browser for a tiny subset of Markdown. Today it's a prototype no longer; it has fairly thorough tests. See how I write tests for the rendering in a language that maps 1:1 to machine code:

This one is for you, @yrabbit 🙂

Old demo:


Every other scene seems to written by a sugar drink or candy company.

I'm done watching this show.

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Oof. The product placement for season 2 is pretty shameless so far.

"For the German sprint canoeist, see Tim Hecker (canoeist). Not to be confused with Tim Heidecker or Florian Hecker."

Thanks Wikipedia for clearing that up. I was a little confused there for a second.

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Depending on who you talk to, Tim Hecker is either a Canadian electronic musician, or a German sprint canoeist.

Just emailed Griffin support again to tell them how much I miss the powermate USB. Two years later and I'm still sad they discontinued it.

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very tempted to strap a speaker to my bike and blast autechre during my morning bike rides. The world needs to stay informed about these sorts of things.

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So in case you didn't know there are a bunch of cool Plan 9-related projects on

Digital audio workstation

Music player

AV1 video player


Fennel port

Bunch of stuff from ~kvik

I miss using Slackware. It was such reliable OS to use, and one of the few distros you could run with little/no internet access.

After months of neglect, you know what I happened when I booted it up? It gave me a TTY login prompt, just like it always did before. Imagine that.

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I was going to buy some hardware to run an n64 emulator when it occurred to me that I had my old slackware chromebox lying around, as well as some controllers. In less than an hour I was playing Kirby64 the crystal shards. I even had the emulator already installed (I guess I tried doing this years ago).

Oops. It seems some of my displays render this as a bit blurry.

Glanced at the source code for Julius's Pages (he uses PNGs too, but they aren't blurry). Looks like it automatically picks different images depending on your DPI. TIL about SRCSET.

Good thing these are automatically being generated...

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