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ST Discovery S2 Spoilers 

Just finishing up S2E6. Some thoughts so far.

The Christian themes they are forcing in are weird. I don't want Jesus Christ in my Trek.

Spock feels like a carrot on a stick. Forward momentum seems to be building towards meeting him. Spock is a device used to get you keep watching the show.

Good visual effects + makeup.

Doug Jones is basically carrying the show so far. Amazing performances, and great character development. I can't say I care for any of the other characters.

Lens flair? I thought we collectively decided to stop doing that?

Hate-watching star trek discovery season 2.

Travel tomorrow, which means the stressful experience of bringing all my gear through security. Germans are THOROUGH. Practicing unpacking and packing all the items up from my bag. Getting the routine down. I can do it blindfolded now (literally!)


Since Worgle is on my mind, I just wanted say that it really feels like a successful tool for me. It scales really well!

The largest project of mine using Worgle tangles about 12k lines of C code from about 20k lines of files written in Org. Tangling all pretty much instantaneously. Meanwhile, tangling Worgle (1k lines of C code) from emacs via org-tangle takes a glacial 2 seconds to do.

It's also not just about throughput either! I'm also exporting line macros so that when something goes wrong, it gives me a line number for the C file, not the Org file. No need to sift through generated C code. This is *not* a feature found in emacs, AFAIK.

github organizations, rant 

If any other OrgTangle community members are reading this, I encourage you all to continue building your systems, as they are *all* missing the most crucial part: noweb syntax. And gee golly are you missing out!

You see, the noweb syntax is really what makes a literate program more than just fancy comments, because you aren't forced to talk about the code in the order that must be arranged for the computer, and thats a BIG deal.

Honestly, it's not all that challenging either, especially since the implementations are using higher-level languages like Python, Rust, Nim, etc. My original org tangler had noweb support from the start. It only took me a weekend to build, and I wrote it in 700 lines of ANSI C code:

Also, it's rewarding, too! That originally orgle code has been largely unchanged, and I'm still using it to this day to bootstrap Worgle. Really incredible how a little can go a long way.

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github organizations, rant 

It's a bit petty, but I just separated my org tangler from the "OrgTangle" organization...

... so that it no longer shows up as a fork of the repo here:

Why you say? Because I checked the commit history of all the other projects, and everybody gave up! Most recent commit was over a year ago.

Meanwhile, I've been consistently maintaining mine, and adding new features. I also use this tool every day for my work. I put in the time to make this more than a weekend project.

My favorite source code header comment comes from the SQLite team.

Comment is as follows:

The author disclaims copyright to this source code. In place of a legal notice, here is a blessing:

May you do good and not evil.

May you find forgiveness for yourself and forgive others.

May you share freely, never taking more than you give.

Oh valgrind, what would I do without you.

A few months ago, I changed my coding style from an 80 column rules to a 60 column rule, in order to make text fit larger on my 7 inch display (used for all my current Linux work). Maybe I'll write about it.

FYI, you don't need to install all of texlive to get CWEB (though it does help if you want to view the TeX output).

This fork of CWEB can compile on most modern machines as a standalone program:

I use this on my more constrained machines to tangle code for patchwerk. No problems here!

After spending most of my time in emacs, there's something very simple and calming about opening up vim inside of tmux session.

Somebody has ported Soundpipe to AmigaOS. I didn't even know you could do that?

Blank SA profile keycaps are HARD to find. PMK seems to be completely depleted, and they could not tell me when they would be back in stock. It seems I was quite lucky to have ordered PBT keycaps from there (good luck finding some of *those* anywhere now). Ohkeycaps has some blanks in stock now, and they are the only other place I know about.

Cross compiler builds, but some of my programs won't run because buildroot uses GLIBC 2.28, while the image on my norns is only GLIBC 2.24. Updating does not help things.

So now I need to flash the norns image generated by buildroot, in order to use the buildroot toolchain. Ugh.

I have now bricked and unbricked my norns :)

Oh man, so many great sounds happening out my window right now in Berlin:

It's raining.

Bells are ringing.

There's a siren in the distance.

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I'm a (for now) hobby programmer and musician, studying music production but somehow ended up focussing my studies more on DSP and creative programming.

I also make music under the name kitsun (

Sodas in Europe are so much better than those in the US. Orange Fanta, for example, is an entirely different beverage in Europe. It both looks and taste different. No corn syrup or artificial coloring. It reminds me a lot of Polar's "Orange Dry".

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