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Just saw a Garfield comic with Jon using a smartphone. It feels strange to see a comic like that grow with the times.

haven't used a real level meter for my work in years. Granted, my DAW-less workflow makes this more difficult than usual. I'm glad I've moved past the "why isn't my music loud enough" phase of my life. Also, all my music is super quiet now.

4 bin day at airport security today. things went smoothly. decided to leave the monome in the bag and they did not flag it. Also worthy to note I left my chain maille case for it at home today. Maille will ALWAYS get flagged at TSA because of how dense it is. At least one TSA officer will need to fondle said maille.

How do you know if someone is a Rust programmer? They'll TELL you.

Watching the Bachelor season finale because my GF was in the audience. These people can vote.

A curated selection of some of my stones. I definitely have a type that I enjoy.

From left to right:

- childhood stone, picked up in a beach in Nahant, MA
- stone picked up from a beach in Seattle WA
- stone picked up at Race Point Beach, Cape Code, MA
- palm stone, lapis lazuli, purchased on etsy
- palm stone, obsidian, purchased on amazon

getting adjusted to the slightly unorthodox layout of the Qisan Magicforce 49. Feels like a neuroplasticity exercise.

Just install a chunky atari font... trying it out with emacs and terminal stuff. it works really well on my 7 inch display.

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