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Not familiar with Vortico. What is that?

What aspects of Rack were you drawn to? I'm curious.

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I haven't had to touch the stable branch of Soundpipe for 2 years now. Still works just fine. No issues. Take THAT, modern software development practices.

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In other words, I don't spoon feed my software to my users. I want Soundpipers/Sporthers to have an awareness/interest in the code. Because hacking on music software is friggin' awesome.

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Okay, some people *do* use software like Soundpipe. However, by comparison, being a project maintainer for Soundpipe is a breeze. I pass on the savings to you, dear user!

I don't do *any* kind of packaging, only some light git tagging. Soundpipe either gets compiled and installed from source using my Makefile, or dropped into another project. Oh, it's not uncommon for people to extract individual modules and use them as standalone. If you don't like that, you're missing the point of Soundpipe.

That, and not trying to do anything OS-specific like realtime audio out-of-the-box, have been good choices for me.

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Reading comment sections like this makes me glad nobody uses *my* music software:

@popstar oh you should! Atwood is a pretty great writer. You'll get all the social commentary directly that way. If the show is anything like the book, should be a good watch.

I watched the pilot, and the production value seemed quite good. I'd probably watch it if I still had Hulu.

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It's a beautiful and unique instrument, but it is beautiful because of how well it approximates the human voice. That piece was originally for human voice, and the phrasing is also based on how a human voice would perform it.

It does not beat the human voice, but the question of whether or not it beats something like the violin can be debated.

Personally, I put the musical saw a bit behind the theremin, and the theremin a bit behind the violin.

@tuxcrafting A plausible excuse: Films are usually mixed for 5.1 systems in theaters. If no serious effort is put into properly downmixing to stereo (in hollywood, you need it yesterday damn it!), the overall mix can suffer.

Sometimes, you'll have configurations where sound in film is set to be 5.1 by default on a stereo system. In 5.1, the entire center channel is mostly dedicated to dialogue. In stereo setups, that channel is missing, so you essentially lose the dialogue. If this is the case, changing to a stereo mix (sh|c)ould fix the problem.

@sir Bowed string instruments are second to the human voice when it comes to expressivity.

Some weeks, it feels like my body is a sinking ship and I'm just a passenger along for the ride.

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(Deep) Chernoff Faces and sonification ramblings 

Deep Chernoff Faces:

Basically, draw a bunch of faces to represent and visualize data. Take advantage of pareidolia and the human brain's natural sensitivity in human face detection to help better understand nuanced relationships in the data.

I can't help but think about what the sound equivalent would be: human speech. Just like how our eyes are very sensitive to faces and face-like things, our ears are sensitive to speech and speech-like things. Speech synthesis, and subsets of speech synthesis like vowel/formant synthesis come to mind.

Despite being around for decades, sonification (data->sound) is still a bit of a novelty outside of the computer music world. But I think there's great potential in making streams of complex multi-dimensional data babble and leverage the pattern-matching statistical learning bits of our brain to hear insightful things. Maybe apply a filter to the babble to a subset of phonemes to the listeners native language?

Freewrite Traveler, Continued 

More useful info. Not only does the Freewrite Traveler have cursor key functionality via WASD, but you can also insert as well. (In retrospect it seems obvious, but the language on the website was ambiguous and made it sound like this was only a read-only operation). That feature alone makes it heavily more appealing than the original freewrite, even if it has an inferior keyboard.

Support has been great about getting back to me within a (business) day. So, that seems like a good sign. Also, there still seems to be regular updates. As far as hardware startups like this go, that's the best you can ask for IMO.

I'm optimistic, but I still haven't made the purchase yet. Support also says they are going to keep the 389 pricetag up for "a few more weeks", so I should have some time to think about it.

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Text Editting Hates You:
Text Rendering Hates You:

And thanks @sir for starting:
This will almost certainly be invaluable for my efforts!

@syntacticsugarglider @sir
Other than the musl stuff, no not really. A lot of packages you'll probably want are in the community repo, so be sure to enable that after the initial install. I've been able to find most of the software I need there. If it's not there, I can usually compile it. If it doesn't want to compile, it's usually a sign of it not being great software to begin with it...

Other than that, it's the usual linux issues. If you're used to that kind of troubleshooting, it's really not much different than that.

@sir Ah okay. Well, you don't have to sell me on Alpine. I've actually been using it as my main Linux distro for about a year and a half for music composition.

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