@neauoire @liaizon @gavcloud @kevin just write stuff as if it will happen like that. When modern browsers collapse under the weight of their complexity, it'll be trivial to write small hypertext renderers with markdown as input to display the content again.

(inb4 gemini, lagrange, etc).

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I'll plot your drawing 

@hecanjog Would any of these work at all?


If there were any SVG versions of the math charts, this would be fun to have: voyager.jpl.nasa.gov/galleries

So many things from here would be cool (again, no SVGs though):

@fortifieduniverse If you don't want to open source it, at the very least, you should consider making more public documentation on what you've built. The world could use more off-the-beaten-path approaches to making music on a computer. I see so many talented creative people that need to see and be inspired by projects like yours!

But please do consider open sourcing it! It's an even better way to exchange ideas, and help add diversity which is currently a very (IMO) homogeneous landscape of music software.


@neauoire @jameschip @ice I say, while the clock is still ticking, it is really hard to determine what is or isn't pointless. In the meantime, there is still work to be done.

@inhji @neauoire @gavcloud I get a "cars are very fast horses" vibe when I think of my wiki being printed out on paper. Hypertext is a wonderful medium, I don't think you'd be able to faithfully preserve it in that format. Maybe some of it? Hmmm...

Roads are about the width of two horses butts. So it's not like we can really shake off the past entirely.


I suppose what I was getting at was that even the "legends" did things they didn't want to do, related to their art, in order to make a living.

Bach taught music, and was absolutely miserable doing it.

Michelangelo painted the Sistine chapel, and hated doing it.

Even the greats had to compromise and strike a balance.

@poiseunderchaos I used to always think "how to market yourself" was just a matter of presentation and the right narrative. But now I think it also means "know which parts of your art are actually marketable", and gauging how much (or how little) "artistic integrity" you are willing to willing to let go of to get food on the table. Because it's always been a tradeoff for artists and creatives in history. Bach had a day job.

"Getting Sweet Patron Money On The Modern Internet" by Jeff Vogel


I really wish I knew more people like Jeff Vogel was I was younger and still in school. Granted, my particular music school did a more decent job than others teaching students how to market themselves, but there was never anyone from the front lines who gave brutally honest practical wisdom.

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Sorting the most common #TokiPona glyphs for further adjustments before emoji export.

This is basically the linja sike font with a few almost invisible tweaks. Maybe I'll simplify some glyphs for readability's sake, in the spirit of sitelen pona pona. I still have some tests to do.

Also, it took me a while to understand the ku glyph (7th on the bottom line), but once you get it, it's pretty obvious and smart.

I forgot how much I missed the feel of buckling spring keyboards.

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I didn't realize the new #TokiPona dictionary is illustrated by Vacon Sartirani, the author of Nasin Nasa, this surreal comic written in sitelen sitelen.

I've never been excited about a dictionary before. Now I totally am.


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Dipping my toe in to learn what sndkit from @paul is all about. This type of ecosystem for DSP just seems like a lot of fun. I generated this wav by tweaking one of the examples.

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I'll plot your drawing 

Send me an SVG (it will help if it's optimized for plotting! ask me what that means) and I'll plot one in your color of choice onto your paper of choice and mail it to you.

I can only plot things that can be plotted by an axidraw V3.

I'll share pen/paper options if it seems like anyone is interested. 🙂

If you have a multi-color idea tell me! Maybe we can do it.

Boosts welcome, but I will have to cap this at 20 folks for the moment (if that many are interested!) and see how things go. First come first serve... :)

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