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Can someone help out a grumpy Makefile programmer?

I have this GLFW program I built on the command line using Makefiles, and I want to wrap it into one of those fancy .app launchers so that people don't have to go into the command line to launch it.

Is there a way to create one without porting the project to XCode or something like CMake?

It's just a prototype for internal use, so it doesn't have to be robust or anything.

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Folks! I'm looking to expand my musical vocabulary before my brain finishes developing because I read (and probably put too much stock in) a couple studies about how we learn to enjoy music!

So, what are your favorite albums/artists who are good exemplars of a given genre?

@neauoire computers give you just enough to keep you coming back for more.

I've been meaning to check these out at some point. I'm sure I could find ways to integrate them into my software ecosystem.

I sometimes feel like the least helpful Linux Audio user because I write all my software. "Oh? You need a plugin that does X? Well, here's some C code that does X. If you happen to find some LV2 sample code you could probably hack it into a plugin."

Film idea: a character study about Orpheus post-Eurydice in a contemporary setting.

All of the cold. None of the snow. Blech.

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A super-talented artist by the name of Stéphane Richard (known previously as Wootha) dropped a bunch of their work into the public domain.

How much?



#PublicDomain #HolyShit

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I'm happy to announce that #Retro #Forth 2021.1 is now complete. It's available at forthworks.com/retro

A full changelog is included in the source, but a summary:

- conditionals now treat non-zero as true
- the full image is smaller
- several obscure bugs were fixed
- code and test block delimiters in Unu now user definable
- refactored the assembler
- refactored & expanded python implementation of Nga
- added a full python implementation of the build tools
- added a nim implementation of Nga

@mrufrufin ah yes, the circular dependency of needing glasses to find glasses. I've always called this the "Velma Dilemma".

@grainloom you could almost say you were... disenchanted by the writers?

No, don't worry, I can show myself out.

transmissions from the codex: magopau 

bogait shum zhujup gudaefyd see desh byc mewo zael.



@jonbro @hecanjog it seems every commercial DAW is virtually identical these days. Thinking out of the box keeps getting easier.

@jonbro @hecanjog Great way to put it. It absolutely is a problem centered around interface, and letting go of our collective preconceived notions of what musical input is supposed to be on a computer.

expanse season 5 

@nff just finished! really good ep. I read ahead for this season, and am really enjoying seeing how things unfold onscreen.

expanse season 5 

Multiple ways to say "Inaros" this season apparently.

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The FOSS community should gather together all the different public domain universes(Lovecraft, Robin Hood, Dracula, all the pulp/noir characters, etc) and build some sort of dope expanded franchise/universe of free & open source games/movies/books/TV/other cool stuff.

Come on, you know you want this to happen :D

@yaxu thanks. And no problem. Happy I didn't offend at the end.

@yaxu In this context, I was specifically thinking of renaissance sacred choral music, and the way Palestrina could just take 4 independent voices, weave them together, and fill up a big space. I think there's elegance and beauty to that. I'd love to be able to make computer music in a similar way someday.

@yaxu was meant to be a stab at implicit keyboard (as in piano) biases I see in electronic music, and a suggestion for an alternative framework of thinking (the human voice).

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