People are all upset about the playdate being too pricey. I say we should get used to paying more for hardware. It is really really hard for small businesses to meet consumer price expectations when it comes to hardware manufacturing.

May your lists have lambdas, and your lambdas have lists.

Holy crap Physically Based Rendering is available online:

Still love my hard copy. It's a "classic" for me (in the Twain-ian sense)

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This Janet language sure looks interesting, and very suitable for some of my musical projects. Looking forward to hacking on it!

I'm using org-mode + literate programming to develop native android apps. woo look at me go.

Looks like I'll have to fly from Berlin to Boston at some point. Why you say? Jury duty. Lol.

@wendy this is so fascinating, and kind of adorable. I'm going to enjoy my vanilla even more now :) thank you for the links.

It's rough that the best hours of my day are spent on a job that completely drains me of my ability to be creative, and by the time I get home I'm too tired to pursue the things I'm actually interested in, it's hard thinking of all the books and paintings and endeavors so many people have inside of them that never see the light of day for this incredibly ridiculous reason

Vanilla ice cream is an under-appreciated flavor, perhaps due to the fact that it is well, erm, very vanilla. It's simple, yet sophisticated. It also works well with just about anything. Haagen daz makes a really good vanilla ice cream using only ingredients you can buy at a supermarket. Trader Joe's french vanilla is pretty good as well.

4 timezones in a span of two weeks. My mind and body are so confused.

I've never needed to do an all nighter to get work done. If you're requiring to do an all nighter, you've messed up or someone/something around you has messed up. Or you are poor soul at a hackathon.

I will never understand the pride people get working to the point of sleep deprivation. Like, that's not a thing to brag about. Diminishing returns!

Ooooh there's a bell tower somewhere near my hotel, and they are doing a peal. Very good, Auckland. Very good.

Scheme has macros?! Scheme has macros. Okay.

@valiant OOOR you it does exactly what you tell it to, and you have problems ;)

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