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A curated selection of some of my stones. I definitely have a type that I enjoy.

From left to right:

- childhood stone, picked up in a beach in Nahant, MA
- stone picked up from a beach in Seattle WA
- stone picked up at Race Point Beach, Cape Code, MA
- palm stone, lapis lazuli, purchased on etsy
- palm stone, obsidian, purchased on amazon

Manged to get the standard C "hello world" working on the Classic Mac OS via the PCE emulator (the same one used by for their in-browser software emulation).

The cutting came to an abrupt end after I broke my blade. As you can see, I didn't dull it too bad this time so that's an improvement. Pluses and minuses.

I cut two different sized rings today. The larger rings are 16 gauge ss wire, and the smaller ones are 18 gauge ss wire. Both I intend to use for 4-in-1 maille weaves.

My industrial strength Thai iced tea brew. This stuff bends light.

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