day 25

Thinking about: melody. the opening to Appalachian spring. transformation.

Breathy alto in the morning
Confident tenor in the afternoon
Grounded bass in the evening
Misunderstood were-bot by midnight

day 24

thinking about: padsynth algorithm, articulation, diphones, 12/8 grooves.


Tonight's freshly baked baguettes! Should be still warm by dinner :)

day 23

Thinking about: jon hopkins soundtracks, 5-voice chord progressions.

day 22

thinking about: articulation. heptapod B by johann johannsson. diphones.

but mostly, this is me messing around with the new envelope capabilities I added to the gesture synthesizer controlling the vocal synthesizer.

day 21

Thinking about: O Willow Waly, Milowda, Lighthouses, Ghost stories.

Some say that to this day, you can still hear her calling from the lighthouse tower...

day 20

Thinking about: Rachmaninoff Vespers, Afro-cuban grooves, Tanpura Drones

day 19

Thinking about: the innsmouth look, ritual, basso profondo, throat singing, the predator, whispers.

day 18

thinking about: liquid dnb, morphing FM oscillators.

these drum sounds are actually samples from @unfa beatboxing!

The operatic vocals feel out of place, but I promised myself I'd use vocal synthesis for every looptober. Also, the mix might be thin because I didn't get a chance to monitor on bigger speakers. But, I ran out of time, and that's that. I think my eyes were bigger than my stomach for this one.

day 17

thinking about: music for airports. isorhythms.

Every note performed is played as a loop, each with a different duration. So, in that sense, I'm still keeping up with the loop spirit.

Built a morphing FM oscillator today, using my gesture synthesizer able to morph between wavetables.

My initial results are bit noisy and vroom-vroomy, but I aim to tame.

day 16

Thinking about: arpy vocals. Just doing a vamp. Didn't really spend much time on this or have much of a plan tbh.

day 14

thinking about: old music, bossa nova, on green dolphin street, airy voices

day 13

(ended up) thinking about: breathy altos, drones, bowed string physical models, ornamentation, the witcher.

day 12

This one's a cover of a song by @cortex!

Thinking about: synthwave/vaporwave, Alison Moyet.

day 10

Thinking about: revisiting sounds from day 6 , and non-linear tempos from day 4. 7/8 grooves.

day 9

thinking about: isorhythms, riders of rohan (apparently?), breathy altos

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