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bogait shum zhujup gudaefyd see desh byc mewo zael.


Good progress on my geometric Kufic generator.

The fruits of my labor so far: a randomly generated 8x8 tile that is "technically correct" Kufic.

The next step is building a Kufic correction filter. Instead of generating a square from scratch, examine a preexisting tessellation of arbitrary size and make corrections where needed.

Talkbox code still works. Excellent :)

patchwerk nodes
[ : k 57 ; ]
"oneart.wav" wavin

k mtof 0.5 blsaw
k 4 + mtof 0.5 blsaw
k 2 + mtof 0.5 blsaw
k 7 + mtof 0.5 blsaw
k 12 + mtof 0.5 blsaw
k 24 - mtof 0.5 blsaw
-15 ampdb mul

1 talkbox

"test.wav" wavout

10 sr * _compute rep

Biked around Boston this morning. They did the annual ice sculptures for NYE, but spread around this city. This one was on our usual route.

This one is a lighthouse, and it has a little light in it! If you put your ear up to it, you can hear a tiny Willem Dafoe talking about his lobster cooking in a vintage new england accent.

breathing cards, strobe warning 

Introducing bc12.tizhaimy, the 12th breathing card in my breathing cards series.

(define (wt4-clumsy-the-clown db)
(wtosc db
(vector-ref wt4ft 0)
(randh (param 0.01)
(randh 1 25 0.3)
(randi 0.5 2 0.5)))
(maygate (dmetro 2) 0.7 0)
(port zz 0.001)
(mul zz zz)

(biscale zz (randi 100 200 0.3) 800)
(mul zz (scale (maygate (metro 4) 0.2 0) 0.5 1))
(phasor zz 0)
(bezier zz (randh 0 1 0.3) (randi 0 1 2))
(mul zz (randi 1 4 0.2))
(wtoscext db (vector-ref wt4ft 2) zz)
(mul zz 0.1)
(butlp zz
(tenv (maygate (dmetro 1) 0.5 1)
0.9 0.1 0.1) 1000 8000)))

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WIP, strobe 

A work in progress etude for my "breathing card" series called tizhaimy.

This de-HTMLized email preview from Spotify comes across as a really tired GPT2 model.

A visual summary of what btprnt can do (minus the macintosh font renderer, that's in a separate codebase).

Woven program:



Mono Icons, Aesthetic 

Generated a tileset of all the Mono Icons[1] using imagemagick's montage command:

montage -verbose *.svg -geometry +0+0 out.png

There's something about monochromatic icons densely packed together on a grid really does it for me.

Many of these seem like they could be converted to pixel art without too much trouble. Or at least something like it. Susan Kare's Icons for the Macintosh SE come to mind too, but these are more symbolic/abstract.

Perhaps it will be inspiration for some distant audio-visual project.


A trivial example in runt code that demonstrates how phsclk can be used, with sample audio.

Here, three different clocks are used to trigger three differently pitched blips. The clocks are all controlled by a single phasor signal. The phasor signal itself is used to control the frequency of a sine wave oscillator.

Two of the blips form a 4:5 polyrhythm. The last blip divides things into 6, but the phasor is fed through an exponential mapper before being processed by phsclk. The result is a set of 6 blips that slow down every time the phasor resets.

patchwerk nodes

1 3 / 0 phasor bhold 0 cabset
8192 ftnew gen_sine 1 regset

0 cabget
330 440 scale
0 1 regget osc

0 cabget 4 phsclk
0.001 0.01 0.01 tenvx
1000 0.3 0 1 regget osc mul

0 cabget 5 phsclk
0.001 0.01 0.01 tenvx
2000 0.3 0 1 regget osc mul

0 cabget -6 expmap 6 phsclk
0.001 0.01 0.01 tenvx
800 0.3 0 1 regget osc mul

0.8 mul

0 cabget bunhold

"test.wav" wavout bdrop

sr 10 * _compute rep

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Bulbs are being arranged for planting in the Boston Public Garden this morning.

As a bonus, there's some peak New England autumn foliage in the background.

It's a really really great day to go for a bike ride if you are in the area.

Rainbowz, Dronez, Strobez(maybe? mild if anything.) 

Another Rainbow Slab Offering.

Just some the boilerplate code to get some initial stuff onto the screen. My btprnt library is rendering text of a bitmap 8x16 font set I found online.

Haven't hooked up Kilo yet, though I know that's doable (I did this before in a similar project which was the precursor to ).

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Rainbows, Distorted Noise, (maybe?) strobe 

Another slab.

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