@zens were you at some point talking about kitchen knives? I need to talk to someone who has opinions on kitchen knives.

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@paul I have *opinions* on kitchen knives.

No expertise, mind you, but opinions none-the-less.


@nomad thoughts on the zwilling chef's knife? I'm thinking either gourmet or professional S.

@paul I haven't had a chance to play with one so can't observe directly.

I strongly encourage you to *test* any knife you're thinking of buying. If you can, bring some things you normally carve to the store and ask to try it (don't bring raw meat, that would be bad form).

Check the warranty and offered sharpening services.

Make sure you understand how to clean the knife without rusting it out.

Do you have any prior experience with forged (vs. stamped) knives? Do you currently use an 8" or a 10"? I prefer 10" forged because the balance works for me but everyone is different.

@zens oh sorry about that then. It seems I've summoned others, so thanks for your indirect contribution :)

@paul i do tend to be surrounded by people who have opinions on knives. kinda why I don’t.

@paul @zens

I have opinions and expertise (well I cut thinks on a daily basis... not much more) on kitchen knives if you need to talk about this kind of things.

@louis I'm thinking about getting a zwilling chef knife, either the gourmet or the professional S. Will be used as a general purpose knife for chopping. Thoughts?


1st thought: get a (or 2) sharpening stone(s) first (if you already have a few knives).

2nd: Zwilling knives are pretty decent, good general use tools, robust, sturdy but a little overpriced !

3d: this kind of knife can be heavy - if you never tried something lighter, you might try some.

So it is a decent knife, doing it's job, nothing very exciting but it's going to cut well - a good choice if you want something easy.

BUT : after some time, as any knife, you'll need to sharpen it, so back to the sharpening stone point.

As if the chief knife shape is good for chopping, yes, but as a Chinese cleaver is or a japanese nakiri is too- it all depends on your cutting style - which you can only know if you try.

As for an example, I cook every day for 1 personne and sometimes for larger tables (up to 20) and almost use 2 of my knives for 80% of the work: a tojiro 135cm stainless steel petty knife and a tojiro 155 mm nakiri. I have an old sturdy chief knife that I use for cutting hard stuffs like parmesan cheese or squashs.
I have a lot of other knives that I could easily live without but not these ones!


In a nutshell, it's a good knife, quite versatile but it might not be the big change in your life.

But for the same price, you could get one or two stones with one or two knives and in my opinion it's more fun, sharper blades and lighter knives in the kitchen! (at the cost of some learning and time)

@louis awesome. I like your thoughts and opinions. Good points for consideration. Thanks!

@louis @paul I can't add much to Louis' very thoughtful posts other than to agree that the 8" Zwilling Pro chefs's knife is kinda heavy. I was given one many years ago and I love it but if I'm honest I usually grab a 6" Fissler Pro chef's knife for most tasks and only use the big Zwilling when I actually need something that large. If I were to buy something new today I'd likely go for a Santoku or Nakiri but not in carbon steel as I know I'm not quite fastidious enough to keep it from rusting.

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