day 25

Thinking about: melody. the opening to Appalachian spring. transformation.

Breathy alto in the morning
Confident tenor in the afternoon
Grounded bass in the evening
Misunderstood were-bot by midnight

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I think my favorite thing about this is the potential behind it. The instrument here is monophonic, and all parametric. No abrupt state changes, just a bunch of virtual fingers turning a handful of virtual knobs in just the right configuration over time. A concept worth exploring further.

Off the top of my head, what's being modulated:

Tract shape (this gives phonemes of various characteristics)

Vibrato depth

Glottal tenseness (how breathy it is)

Crossfade between glottal signal and distorted FM oscillator (to get talking robot sounds)

Reverb size

Pitch (kind of obvious, but it too is nothing more than a signal like everything else here).

And that's it, really. Just scratching the surface here.

@paul I love how it morphs from something very obviously a voice into something very obviously not without me being able to pinpoint when that happens.

@futzle yay that was the intent :) I'm glad it came through!

@paul is this DWM? reminds me of some of Cylob's stuff

@sean_ae it's only a 1d digital waveguide, so not a mesh:

Hadn't heard of Cylob before. Just listened to Rewind. Very cool use of vocal synthesis, thanks.

@sean_ae will have to give this album a proper listen today. do you have any idea how he's synthesizing/controlling the vocal-like sounds?

@paul he built a whole system in supercollider, i think he did/does all the sequencing in there. his more recent vocal synth bits sound more developed and realistic (eg this one ) but there's always something weird going on, he never goes full vocaloid

@sean_ae wow that's very impressive. it's a great sound aesthetic as well for synthesized singing. real, but not too real.

Lol I may have to borrow "never go full vocaloid" at some point.

@sean_ae @paul Cylob is so good.
I didn't know that he's using/he used SC

@Lime @paul he's been on analogue stuff again for a couple of recent things but most of it has been sc since late 90s afaik. he plays gigs with sc as well, he put some of them on his bc page recently, from what i rem they're more soupy than his recorded stuff

@paul so good! I love that uncanny valley between human-like and robot-like

@cb right! a huge perk of synthesized voice. This really fascinating movement towards and away from the Valley sort of falls in your lap.

@paul the idea reminds me a little of some of aphex twin's stuff, esp on syro where there are vocals, but it's unclear if they are human or not. Love that!

@cb yeah syro has so much of that. Great album. It takes a LOT of processing before a voice stops being a voice. Our brains want to hear voices in everything around us.

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