I've uploaded the tracks I've made so far to this instance I joined months ago: open.audio/channels/looptober2

And for those who really want to see a mess, I've uploaded to my wiki the org document with all the scheme code used to generate the loops:


Every loop I'm making features , so no human produced sounds. Nothing here is human performed either (such as from a MIDI controller). It's all very precisely sequenced via a notation language using my gesture sequencer.


Anything that relates to tempo fluctuations utilizes something called temporal weight, giving notes mass and inertia that warp the global tempo, inverting the typical relationship seen in DAWs.

I also sometimes do things like having meter in a bar be exponential instead of linear. I call this temporal skewing.

Finally, there's various glissandi that happens between notes. How one travels from A to B is know as a behavior, and this is explicitly programmed into a phrase.

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