Thinking about ways to make data structures and algorithms more interesting for me to learn.

@paul maybe learning via coding a game or music software while learning ?

@exquisitecorp @paul well, you already do lots of music software. how about making a game? might be fun and challenging if you haven’t tried before

@exquisitecorp it's hard to frame certain data structures and algorithms in a musically meaningful/relevant way. But sonification is what I'm currently thinking about (like those sorting sound videos).

Hmmm. Games and computer graphics are a good thought. I remember many more things being relevant in that domain than audio.

This is literally "solution in search of a problem" territory. Sigh.

@paul double down on a hard-fun project & hit google scholar or equiv when the going gets tricky

@paul i liked the tim roughgarden ds&a moocs when i self-studied years ago doesn't really present anything in any new or "fun" contexts but structure always helps me learn and his moocs (at least used to be) were the among the more interesting/engaging moocs i came across

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