As a programmer, it seems that I spend a lot of time thinking about edge cases and worst-case scenarios.

With a job like that, it seems turning into the human incarnation of a wet blanket to be inevitable.

@zens I love how the whole conversation in that scene is just all double-meaning and foreshadowing.

@paul have you seen the script draft version? it makes the ehole point of the scene (which i had never picked up on) far more explicit.

@zens oooh no! does it still have the bits about harvesting human brains for computing power and not the stupid battery plot line?

@paul uhm, yes, but i actually meant thr script draft for that specific scene. haven’t you rver wondered what was on these illegal disks? the fake book they come out of “simulation and simulacra” by jean baudrilard is the key to unlock the whole movie.

@zens I remember the detail about the book, and at some point I read what that was about. But yes, what was on those illegal disks? Would I find out reading the script?

@paul in the original script, neo alters a database entry, which immediately causes a cop to remove a denver boot from the client’s car.

the original point of the scene is the matrix isn’t fiction. our lives really are governed by algorithms

@paul in the final movie, we get a disj containing a copy of jean baudrilkard’s book, that makes the same point but extremely frenchly

@paul a book, that, by the way, the wachoeskis forced sll the cast and crew to read

@paul the thesis statement is “the territory no longer precedes the map, the map precedes the territory “

meaning that, as animals, humans used to sorta adapt to their environment and develop ways of living and cultures based around the availability of resources and dangers.

but now we build grocery stores and have no direct participation in our own survival anymore

@paul or rather, the matrix doesn’t have to be a spinal plug to be a simulated reality that permits computers to control human behavior. we now have facebook research where they proved they could manipulate the emotions of a human population with an algorithm. (see: emotional contagion study)

@paul minimax algorithm has the same sorta feel, making decisions trying to make the best out of the worst-of-all possible scenarios

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