Ended the evening turning two FM oscillators into 2-part melodic isorhythmic counterpoint. Humming the beginnings of a third voice which I'll add on top of everything else tomorrow. Very satisfying stuff.

@paul So, you and I actually have a lot in common, it seems. I've got a similar affliction, in that I've been building creative/music tools for what is probably a couple of decades now. I've been building and working with a node-graph based music composition system/performance robot ("ciix"). I've been using it to write for my last couple of records and for films.

@paul I'm still trying to figure out how to talk about what I'm doing. I find it very fascinating, and it lets me make (what to me seems like) compelling music. But I just always feel like nobody would actually give a crap about it, so why bother telling anyone.

I've gotten into filmmaking in the last few years, so I'm sort of weaving this stuff into my cinematic universe. Maybe that's the way that feels the most natural for me to talk about it?

@paul Got any thoughts about whether or not there is a support group for folks like us? I've enjoyed your website and your wiki. Just figured I'd say hello.

@fortifieduniverse Nice to meet you! Musical tool builders are a bit of a rare breed, so it's nice to find another one. Do you have any links to ciix?

There are others! @hecanjog has been developing a python-based computer music tool Pippi for quite a few years now, and is starting to work on a C library called libpippi.

@weirdconstructor has been building a HexoSynth, a modular synthesis environment built around hexagonal tessellation.

The Merveilles and LURK instances are full of hombrew creative tool builders. There's also the lines community forum, run by @tehn and friends:

@paul @hecanjog @weirdconstructor @tehn Nice to meet you, too! I don't have anything written up or shared for any of the work on Ciix... Like I mentioned, I haven't really invested in journaling my work beyond snapping a screenshot every few weeks, and writing git commit messages. But I feel like I should start putting some work into that. Doing some interesting stuff with machine learning within Ciix these days.


@paul @hecanjog @weirdconstructor @tehn Thanks for the pointers to @hecanjog and @weirdconstructor ... looks like some awesome compatriots there, too. Hey to both of you! Been checking out your stuff also!

I've been floating around on since I joined the Fediverse. Been wondering about switching to another instance, but I want to try to find the right one before I invest in the move. Those two instances sound very interesting.

I'll also give the lines forum a peek!

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