Perhaps a hot take, but, as FOSS devs making tooling/libs, we shouldn't be annoyed that people are asking for support in our issue trackers. We're making tools for engineers, and if they can't figure out how to use them, our documentation needs work.

I say this because someone asked how to run the examples of one of my libraries and my first impulse was to be annoyed. That's not a useful thing to do to someone who is giving me invaluable information about how my software could improve.


@tindall I get annoyed when people make support issues, I ask follow up questions, and then they just disappear.

I kind of wish there was more accountability on people posting issues. Sometimes people have very niche requests/questions, and I put in a lot of time trying to answer, only for that time to be wasted on someone who has suddenly lost interest. I don't like closing issues people make because I feel like it makes me look unreasonable and impatient. But if I leave them hanging, it clogs up the issues page with stuff that will never get accomplished.

The solution I have now is to just disable the issue tracker and have people email me directly with questions. This thins the user base, but the few people who do end up reaching out to me are always very enthusiastic about my projects. And I'd much prefer managing a FOSS project with only dozens of enthusiastic users than a project with thousands of mostly passive/neutral ones.

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