gesture sequencer updates, some code 

I'm now able to sequence gestures using LIL, the scripting language included with sndkit.

The following LIL snippet uses two instances of Gest to control an FM oscillator. One controls pitch (via the function sequence), the other timbre (via the function modindex):

The meaningful thing to extract from this is that gestures are programmed using a set of low-level commands. These commands will create phrases that take up a fixed number of beats, populate these phrases with Ramp Trees, and cap the leaf nodes with targets with behaviors that determine the interpolation method used to go from one target to another.

Sets of simple low-level commands like the ones above are a programmers best friend, because they lend themselves well towards higher-level abstractions :)

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gesture sequencer updates, some code 

Now that I have some LIL bindings in place that work with sndkit, I think I have enough to begin writing a very concise guide on working with Gest and introducing the concepts. I think it's a necessary supplement to the program itself (written in a literate style).

Both the guide and the woven program output will eventually be published at the :

When that happens, I'll also publish the code too.

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