The person who started the initiative to fork Audacity has stepped down, due to IRL harassments from 4chan.


We really can't have nice things.

audacity, music software 

This whole thing has given me a bad taste in my mouth. As an audio developer who enjoys creating open source software, this hits close to home.

The message this gives off is "stay small, don't let your software get too popular". Which is kinda shitty because it means some blend of super niche tooling helpful to no one or some form of intentional gate keeping.

I don't like it.

audacity, music software 

It's not just Audacity. I've seen issues with VCVRack and Non DAW this year. And in the past, I have had personal gripes with LMMS. The community grows, and then toxic personalities and behaviors emerge.

I'd like to work towards making open source projects of mine more accessible to people. I've even been tempted now and again to foster a community around them and explore ideas.

But then I see what happens to these people and I hesitate. I don't need that crap in my life.

My source code is available for my software. I put everything under generously permissive licensing. I lovingly document as much as I can, and try to make it easy to use for those willing to read. People can write me emails with questions, and I will usually answer them quickly and thoroughly. I think that's enough for a while.

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@paul Also: you can count Lennart Poettering (did I spell that right?) amongst this harassed audio dev crowd for his work on Pulse Audio. Before starting systemd.

I don't care how strongly you oppose some software: death threats & physical intimadation are FAR beyond the pail! That unequivacably deserves a block!

audacity, music software 

@paul Yea, the nom story is really ugly, on both sides of the story if you ask me... I've read about the VCVRack thing too, at least one side of the story. These are just some prominent examples. Forming a community is hard. I believe, people will come if you put out a well written piece of application and promote it a bit. And eventually a community will form.

As maintainer I guess you have to make a decision, if you want to be a part of that community or not. You can throw your code over the fence and do your own thing, like Vital, or you can embrace it and make a platform for that community. Both are fine alternatives if you ask me. As original author you are not obliged to do anything. I have no clue if HexoSynth will be useful to other and if I have the motivation to do more than just development and light promotion.

@paul What I mean: #foss and #opensource means, the moment you publish your code under a #foss license, the code does not belong to you anymore. You have the original copy right over (large) parts of it, but that is it. If you see Github issues as things you have to address, if you want to create a platform for a community (and then moderate it) or if you want to create a website for it are super optional things.You can grow into that if you receive a lot of feedback and feel motivated though.

audacity, music software 

@paul That's largely what I do. To keep a lower profile.

re: audacity, music software 

@paul Holy cow, that escalated quickly. Fir me it also underlines why it should be possible to fight those battles with annanonymous account.

What puzzles me is the motivation of the chan people? I don't get it.

re: audacity 

@paul This is fucked. What kind of people would go after someone for working on an opensource project. If you don't like what they are doing fucking fork it and do what you want with it. It's open source after all...

faith in humanity -10

re: audacity 

@mgrondin @paul @alcinnz This kind of behaviour is completely disgusting... I hope they punish the cretins that showed up in person, if nothing else.

For people to have such a reaction like this over a fork of open source software is bizarre as far as I'm concerned. At what point, when things have fallen off the rails so far with entitled, aggressive, poorly-behaved children, do we say 'enough is enough' and get the centers for the curation of such nonsense held accountable for their actions and shut down, or massively filtered, un-routed, etc?

I'm not a big fan of restricting free speech, except when it comes to hate and creating such dangerous situations. It's obviously part of the tolerance paradox, which I'm fine with not tolerating this stuff.


@paul oh. my. god. that is terrifying. 4chan is absolute cancer.

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