APKs on android are deprecated.

And to think, I was just getting cozy about building android apps again. Ugh.

@paul I advise not wasting time developing for Android. Get a PinePhone if you don't have one yet and help out.

@be @paul I have been interested in mobile app development for a while now (I got the Braveheart edition of the PinePhone with intentions to write software but never developed anything for it).

Which frameworks do you suggest using for developing applications for the PinePhone?

@josias @paul QML with Kirigami or GTK Rust with libadwaita

@josias @be @paul My understanding: GTK with Handy or Qt would be best. elementary provides a great, if slightly elementary-specific, introduction:

You could pretty much use whatever programming language you want with them, but for GTK development I prefer Vala. Which is a little like C# or a nicer Java.

@josias @be if I can use opengl/nanovg, realtime audio works with reasonable latency, and there's multi-touch, I'm in.

@paul @alcinnz @josias I have yet to test low latency audio on the PinePhone, but PulseAudio and PipeWire-pulse work with USB audio interfaces.

@be I get it that pinephones are not yet consumer ready, right? Well, if they are about as much consumer ready as the first versions of the several OSes on mobile and real computers, would be enough for me. @paul

@be I'd prefer PinePhones be fairly produced and traded though, like ShiftPhones and FairPhones. Fair, free and sustainable phones, that's too much currently, right? @paul

@mupan @paul Yes, you're asking too much, unfortunately.

@paul unless I'm mistaken, this is only for Google play not android in general. the new format will build all the different device apks the user downloads whereas now the Dev builds all pks by themselves

@paul ahh thanks for sharing this, I just updated Netflix via split APK installer before it's too late, as my device is modified Netflix doesn't allow downloading (or updating) through the app store, I get a notice that it's not available for my device. It may be a dark future in the same direction for other apps.

@paul "Unlike APKs, Android App Bundles cannot exist outside of Google Play and cannot be distributed outside of it."

Fuck no.

shouldn't android become deprecated too?

@paul And I about the fact that Onyx BOOX devices can be used independently of Google Play through F-Droid and APK Mirror.

I suspect F-Droid will continue. I strongly suspect APK Mirror won't be further updated.

@mupan @dredmorbius @paul as long as Android *accepts* APKs, F-Droid can continue. And I expect that will be the case at least for a while – as side-loading "self signed" APKs is frequently done in development for testing purposes.

But what it means to "reproducible builds" is a different story. The ability of cross-updates will most likely be gone then for the apps currently supporting that.

@IzzyOnDroid I think that's actually part of the problem. Google are only accepting their new signed thingamajing. Which means that mainstream Android apps are going to be based on that.

This is less of a factor for F-Droid, which is effectively an alternate app store largely geared around FS/OSS apps, and far more for tools such as APK mirror, which as the name implies, mirrors APKs from other projects.

On the device I'm currently using (Onyx BOOX), there are numerous packages which are provided through F-Droid, but others are either only available through APK Mirror or are very outdated in their F-Droid instances.

This is my understanding, I may be wrong.

@mupan @paul

@IzzyOnDroid Point being that if "other projects" aren't producing APKs (I rely on APK Mirror for Pocket and Protonmail). If those switch to reproducible builds only, I'm SOL.

Google Play refuses to operate on this device.

@mupan @paul

@dredmorbius @mupan @paul I've kicked Google off my devices long ago. They kicked my account a little later, so I'm cut off anyway. But for the mainstream this will be an issue, yes. I wouldn't trust that store if the private keys are handed out (not that I currently trust it), but for the majority Play will still be the "standard". It's clear abuse of monopoly: "one ring to bind them all".

BTW: ProtonMail is also available in my repo.

@paul Jesus, with more and more banking apps refusing to work on custom ROMs, and more and more banks only doing online payments with app confirmations, the only way to not get thrown 20 years into the past is gonna be fucking iOS.

I fucking hate it here ;-;

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