are there words for "music production" that aren't so yucky? it fails to capture that sometimes music isn't the thing that's being made, and that sometimes the product isn't what matters? "sonic exploration"? "banging pots and pans"? hmmm...



Sound cooking

Sonic sculpting

Vibrational sketching

Periodic wave gardening

Fishing for silence (and the moments in between)

Spectrum Hunting

@paul *calls synth case a "tackle box" and performs in a bucket hat and vest adorned with various lures*

@inscript but, on a more practical note:

I call what I do "music production" when I want others to pay me for it. It's a recognizable trade.

Other than that, I either get specific (developing interactive music systems), or creative (interpreting interstellar transmissions from the candy crystal rainbow codex). If I need a label practical while retaining some semblance of accuracy, I'll call it "music composition" or "sound design" or "sound art".

@paul I appreciate the practicality, ha. I'll be running some private tutorials and just want a more accurate label for the lesson plans in my wiki. I feel like it's challenging but important to destabilize these terms, especially in the educational context.

@paul the wiktionary definition for "sonics", "the science and technology of sound...", is pretty close, but misses perhaps an aesthetic component. that said, my approach is more like "here's some heuristics, do with them what you will!" so it could be a decent match.

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