I found a giant collection of public domain (CC0) wavetables for wavetable synthesizers. The random one I downloaded was 16384 samples long, which is a very decent size for a wavetable, as well as being a power of 2 which is also helpful.

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@paul great find -- those preview images are really nice, too

@paul I'm a bit confused at all the banks calling themselves "energy efficient" though -- how can a wavetable be energy efficient? Still, they look great!

@hecanjog Reads a bit like Liner Notes to me. I get the feeling like there's missing context. Maybe it's a metaphor?

@hecanjog if you find any favorites, let me know.

One of my ongoing plans is to commit myself to more wavetable synthesis techniques, and try to annotate/curate wavefors with my new zettelkasten system I built into my wiki.

@paul I saw you post about that, I'm really curious to take a look but I haven't yet. I've never had a good solution for sample organization, ever.

Whenever I see big collections like this I want to treat them like a database -- do analysis on them & make some interface to be able to select tables based on some characteristic... then instead I usually pick a couple random ones and never go further. ;-)

@hecanjog yeah, it's the further steps that I've been thinking about.

I still want to do the whole guess-and-check thing. But, I also want to write down my thoughts about it in a journal format so I can better build up my familiarity with a library over the years.

I also feel like my sample libraries have been fragmented. My hopes is that my zet will centralize things a bit more.

Being able to query stuff and find emergent patterns/trends in objective and subjective data is interesting to me as well. My wiki backend is all SQLite with full-text-search, so I'm hoping that'll be enough to get me started.

@paul In practice I tend to just record new things for every project, but I do have a small collection of sounds I've used in a number of different things for years. The oldest ones are from the late 90s.

Now & then I'll find some huge archive and make some attempt to work with it, but it never goes very far. I like the idea of a persistent archive that I can draw from usefully when needed though. Looking forward to hearing more about your process. 🙂

@paul There's something about finding that One Sound though... from ~2003 - 2010 I used one guitar note I sampled from my friend in probably dozens of different things. It even had a name for a while when I'd use it in live contexts & it ended up getting used by my bandmates: "suite tone". I have no idea what's so compelling about it, just one of those things...

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