Okay. It's live. introducing: the candy crystal rainbow codex: pbat.ch/codex/

And the code: git.sr.ht/~pbatch/codex

more transmissions to come.

@paul i really love the little pixelperfect videos! (even though i had to put my nose 5cm to the screen to see them, they are really little on an FHD screen)

@npisanti thanks! And sorry for the eye strain :/ modern technology has no idea how to properly handle tiny pixel art videos.

Fortunately, it is trivial to zoom these by a whole integer amount in my video rendering program, which is what I do for my breathing cards series. I kept it at the 1x res to keep file sizes down and reduce bandwidth (I am self hosting these video files on my tiny server).

@paul that's totally good to avoid wasting bandwidth to make it {i} times bigger. I wish we had more option in the <video> tag for disabling linear interpolation and/or doing correct multiples when resized


I know what you mean. Some days, I have half a mind to build a lo-fi pixel-perfect hypertext document renderer with just enough features to run + display projects like this.

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