@paul What the heck is this? It looks so cool!

@jrc03c thanks! it's part of a new project I'm working on.

@paul really lovely graphics! do you have it also on your website, without mastodon compression?

@npisanti thanks! and not yet, but they will be there. That's the other half of the project ;)

Still working on tuning the ffmpeg/libx264 options, but maybe downloading the video improves things?

@npisanti can you try downloading and playing this one? I explicitly beefed up the specs in ffmpeg. Hopefully it should look/sound a bit better.

@paul yes the graphics looks a bit blurry on close inspection (well also my eyes are a bit blurry so maybe i'm not the most accountable about blurriness)

Yeah I notice that too. These videos are also a tiny resolution, so I think some video players try to upscale + antialias them. It does this on fedilab, for example.

I don't think the engineers expected someone to make intentionally tiny videos. But, here I am :)

@paul it's really hard to do pixelperfect stuff nowadays, you can mostly do it only on your own website

It's a shame. I really like that pixel art aesthetic. All my videos on vimeo looked screwed up as well.

Fortunately, these videos are destined to be embedded in a <video> on my self-hosted website, and so far they seem to look good (enough) there.

@paul yes i like it too, and sometimes i feel recording a video of my monitor with an external camera looks better than doing an actual screencast

it's also bad there's no way to make a video fullscreen without stretching it if you don't use javascript (for example if I make a 1280x720 screencast it will be never shown without interpolating pixels)

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