@neauoire any progress with that synth?

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@paul Which one? orca6502? or do you mean my simple midi thing? I've finished my midi project actually.

@neauoire the midi project. nice to know you found a conclusion to that :)

orca6502? wuzzat?

@paul Yeah I build a kind of midi through script, so I can route my midi notes played on my midi keyboard to the midi synth without using a daw or anything else. It's pretty neat

@neauoire Does it work any better than aconnect a:b x:y? That's what I've always done to play the OPL3 in my old laptop or various softsynths.

@abortretryfail I haven't tried aconnect, but I need to transpose the notes by +24, I'm not sure if that'd be a solution for what I need.

Oh yeah so you've written yourself a MIDI event processor, cool!

All aconnect does is attach ALSA sequencer ports together passing data between them like a patch cable.

@abortretryfail thanks for the tip tho, I'm looking into it now. I think it'll be useful for another thing I was struggling with.

@paul orca6502, is the NES port of Orca which uses the synth of the NES

@neauoire I think I've seen that project fly by my timeline a few times. it sounds like a it could be a self-contained system, which is totally my jam.

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