weirdo toy stack VMs 

Well, I finally got around to implementing an initial writer/parser working for my printable ascii serial language today:

txtvm> ./test
'A!, sz: 6
INT12: 666
INT6: 0

The program above is <<'A!>>, which would be analogous to "666 0 CALL".

<<>> would push 666 onto the stack (a 12-bit integer)

<<'A>> would push 0 onto the stack (a 6-bit integer)

<<!>> would perform a call. It pops 0 off the stack, looks up the function in 0, and calls it. Presumably, this function would pop 666 off the stack and do something with it.


weirdo toy stack VMs 

Big picture of this project is to use it as a means to share audiovisual code in a compact and portable way. The language itself would be metaprogrammed using a higher level language. Programs could then be run locally, assuming the dictionary is configured correctly.

Base64/tiny85 would probably give me a better compression ratio, but I'm going with the 6.5-bit VM computer approach because the bytes split up nicer and are easier for humans to grok.

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