It would be so easy to make a binary format for dotgrid, but no, plain-text, PLAIN-TEXT, the things I do do do for plaint-text.

@neauoire binary is a gun that will only shoot if you aim it at your foot.

@jameschip @neauoire Don't be afraid of binary data. It means you can't edit it in emacs as a text file, but it may make your application code so much more simple that you wouldn't believe it.


@cancel @jameschip @neauoire I've been having a really great time using SQLite as a file format for several of my projects:

Lots of things know how to read/write to a SQLite file. It's also super cool to be able to have two totally unrelated applications be able work together because they both use SQLite.

SQLite also has a way to dump everything to plaintext SQL statements as well, which actually compress quite well.

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