1-bit graphics "compression" 

Built something kind of goofy this morning: A compressed format for storing 1-bit graphics, inspired by the way the commodore 64 stores video in memory. I call it "Tinytile".

In this approach, an 8x8 tile is divided up into 16 2x2 blocks, where each block can only be one of 2 bitmap combinations.

A tinytile can be represented in 3 bytes. The first byte is divided up in to 2 4-bit nibbles. Lower nibble is pattern 0, upper nibble is pattern 1. The remaining two bits act as an indexed bitarray of the tile.

The following image are a 16x16 tileset of randomly generated tinytiles. Normally, this 128x128 image would take 2048 bytes of data, by tinytile can do it 768 bytes, or 1024 bytes of base64.

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