@paul I'd like to -- I'm definitely going to play around with the idea, donno if I'll come up with anything!

@paul I was thinking it would be fun to do a set of small generative scripts though, so not a fixed sound set but a little collection of sound generators...

Totally! Do to sounds what Knuth was trying to do with fonts and make things parametric.


Can't help but think about Eno's experience with the windows startup chime, and how it absolutely consumed him. Definitely an intimidating task...

@paul Yeah, I'm not going off that deep end if I can help it. :-) It's been a while since I worked on micro-compositions like that though, it would be fun to do some...

@paul I mean the last time I can remember specifically was actually for this microsound project in 2004: http://www.microsound.org/projects/project.php?name=Seven%20Seconds

I feel like I've come back to tiny compositions since then but maybe not? I can't think of anything since then. It's about time either way!

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