@neauoire yeah, I borrowed from a lot of places to get it working :)

@awalvie Okay, gimme your sr.ht account. I'll put up a working version of your example with some config things :)

@neauoire here:

user: agrawal.vishesh.178@gmail.com
password: H&UIDVeK5wSL

@awalvie Where, ~rabbits is our account name.


Now you've shared your password publicly, could you change it now before I add you..

@awalvie Okay, added you :) Try pulling the repo now. You will have to chmod +x the build.sh script before you can use it. Lemme know if that script works for you.

@neauoire sleep calls! I'll be heading to bed now, I'll see you back in 6-7 hours! 👋

@awalvie okay! I'll be around, pull when you get up, I'll make a todo list and implement the basic things :)

@neauoire a small request, can you please add your .clang-format file to the repo, I have mine set according to the kernel's coding style which re-formats the existing code every time I run the build file.

@neauoire perfect, I just remembered I have an exam in the evening that I have no idea how to write, so I'm going to have to prep for that, after that I'll try and implement some of the todos.

@awalvie no rush :) I only want to have a basic working version for october 1st(inktober) and it's nearly there, so there's no reason to hurry.

Good luck with your studies

@neauoire I'm running across this when I try to run the current version. The window loads up but as soon as I move the cursor over to the canvas, noodle closes and I get this error.

@awalvie mhmm yeah I just pulled the latest changes from @paul and I'm getting a bunch of errors too. I'll do some testing in the morning, try working from the previous commit if you like in the meantime. I'll fix this stuff up when I wake up.


Apologies if I somehow managed to overcook your noodle :(

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