@neauoire you seem to be tracking a "main.o" blob.

also, instead of PNG, have you considered exporting a PBM file?

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@paul Yes, I think that'll probably be what it'll go for, do you wanna give a hand? :D

I can add you to the repo

Sure! Gives me a good excuse to learn git sendmail.

@paul If I add your sr.ht account to the repo, you can just git push to it, no need to use send-mail

That's fine too. I'll try not to break anything ;)

@paul Added! Don't include any library, that's the only rule.

@neauoire okie dokie. pushed some starter code. wasn't sure how you wanted to handle naming, so I just had it write to "out.pbm".

@paul that's good enough :D thanks! Do you wanna try doing import too from arg file?

It's a bit trickier to do well because of the parsing, but I think I could maybe hack something together sometime this week?


To be clear on what you are looking for:

Running "noodle poodle.pbm" would open and load the file "poodle.pbm" if it exists, then will export to that filename as well.

@paul it could still export to export.pbm by default. If you open export.pbm, then it would overwrite it yes.


So, in other words, no args=use default name of "export.pbm"?

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