Seeing the Zen/Zig drama makes me glad nobody actually uses my open source software.

@paul avoidable with licenses that protect you, if that's something you MIGHT care about you should consider it. Doesn't mean you need to go all in on GPL. There is Apache for instance.

It's not just the licensing thing. It's the whole dealing with people aspect of it.


You can partially solve it by scoping things so that software gets to the right people rather than everyone.

With Soundpipe/sporth I only used makefiles and POSIX tools. I made it transparently easy for people familiar with that kind of workflow, exceeding difficult for everyone else.

I also never bothered with packaging, so compiling from source was the *only* option.

I also try to keep things platform neutral. Not supporting platform-specific realtime audio out of the box was the best decision I ever made, and it has kept my sanity intact.

As a result, "end-users" of soundpipe/sporth tend to be very independent, self-motivated, and technical. This has made software support virtually nonexistent for me and very sustainable. I will get the occasional email time to time, but usually it's to tell me about cool projects using my code :)

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