Been playing around with a modified version of the chaos noise algorithm found in SuperCollider's "Crackle". Next thing you know, I find myself channeling my inner Dean Hurley. The morale of the story is: add a "rate" parameter to your noise generators!

Here's the code used to generate the sound. "chaosnoise" is the generator itself.

patchwerk nodes

0.9 1.3 0.512 randi
40 45 0.5 randi
10.1 metro 0.1 0 maygate 9000 mul add
60 60 3 eqfil
bdup bdup 0.93 8000 revsc bdrop -10 ampdb mul
4000 2000 2 eqfil

"test.wav" wavout bdrop

30 sr * _compute rep

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Naturally, there are already plans to bring this into the collection, and to create a node around it for .

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