Working on a linear feedback shift register noise generator based on the NES APU specs found here:

I've wrapped it into a node called bitnoise, and made a little patch to test it out (audio attached).

Here is the code that generated it:

patchwerk nodes
60 300 1 randi 5000
2 dmetro 0.5 0 maygate 0.1 port 1 20 scale
1 dmetro 0.5 0 maygate bitnoise
0.1 mul
8000 butlp
"test.wav" wavout bdrop
sr 20 * _compute rep

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@paul lovely! brings to mind Xenakis' DSS synth work

I'm not aware of that work. Where can I learn about it?

Ah! GENDY. That's a term I'm familiar with. It is the name of a csound opcode, which probably is an implementation of the technique. Had a friend who was super into using that opcode back at Berklee. I never got around to really using/grokking it myself though.

@paul that's it! there's a supercollider implementation as well, I'm working on one for pippi at the moment... the basic idea is doing a drunk walk on the breakpoints of a waveform on each cycle but Luque's paper goes into nitty gritty.

@paul FWIW on the subject of DSS... some of Luc Döbereiner's work extends Xenakis' ideas in very cool ways: and Ian M Frasier has done a lot of cool work based on these ideas too with his Keroaän system:

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