Started learning C++ today. Hoping to get my hands on a cheap used copy of Lippman's C++ Primer. Screen fatigue. Let me know if you have any other introductory book recommendations on the topic.

@jcmorrow Partly interested in creating my own audio production tools and instruments. Only have experience with JS so far but not really interested in Electron right now and don't want to be stuck in the browser either.

And partly to try something new and challenging. I haven't done much structured learning in the past couple of months and need a new topic to help fill some hours of the day.


@luxpris Despite what the majority audio programming world will tell you, you don't have to use C++. Good ol' C is plenty good for most things.

@paul @jcmorrow thanks for the tip! Glad I stumbled upon your toot on @jcmorrow's feed. Helpful info.

@paul @luxpris @jcmorrow or anything decently fast with C bindings

I believe there's one that rhymes with "sawdust"
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