Figured out the basics for drawing stuff I think. The docs are pretty great.

Also, I'm becoming a freaking ACME magician, I love the chords scheme thingy.


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I think I will make a #plan9 cookbook with a bunch of examples files like I did for Think Pascal and 6502 Assembly.

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Managed to compile asm6 with pcc and resume my 6502 work, only this time, in #plan9.

Dreams do come true.

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I know I told myself I wouldn't waste time doing this but the #plan9 babyblue was NOT calming me down, at all.

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Teaching myself how to mod rio. Added wallpapers support from scratch today. Plan9 is amazing, it's everything I was promised, it's now my main daily driver.

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Made #plan9's Acme feel a bit more confortable, hacked it a bit so shift+arrows move the selection left and right. Total game changer.

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@neauoire I'm surprised you don't complain about that font. I find it hard to read.

@cancel I KNOW! It's so bad, I need to change the monospace one, the other one I like a lot.

@neauoire Maybe you can get Geneva 9pt on there somehow? The Mac one, which is used by default in THINK Pascal and other proportional text editors.

@cancel Yeah it's already on there, but last time I change the font it totally broke and I had to make a fresh image, so I'm a bit weary of trying that again.

I'm currently learning how to use the string tools in plan9 C, once I've understood it, I'll take another stab :glenda:

@neauoire A couple of months ago, because I'm still having to use monospace text editors most of the time, I ended up making my own monospace font for tiny screens based on the version of Monaco from System 7, but shaved off a pixel of height, and added a bold variant (without increasing width.)

@neauoire Yeah, what format? I can send it in BDF, or Windows .fon


@cancel @neauoire I'd like a BDF version of it if you have it. I could really use a font like this for my tiny screens as well!

@paul @neauoire OK, here it is as Windows .fon and also BDF. I don't know how (or if) you can put two variants in a single BDF file, so it's saved as Regular and Bold separately for that. (Windows .fon has both in it.)

@paul @neauoire Some of the glyphs with diacritics and accents will be messed up, because I just started with a copy-paste of Monaco and then copy-pasted the accents onto characters that needed them and didn't clean those. I fix the characters with accents whenever I see one actually get used.

@paul @neauoire if there are some in French or whatever that actually get used, let me know and I'll fix them and upload a 0.7 version :)

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