Freewrite Traveler, Continued 

More useful info. Not only does the Freewrite Traveler have cursor key functionality via WASD, but you can also insert as well. (In retrospect it seems obvious, but the language on the website was ambiguous and made it sound like this was only a read-only operation). That feature alone makes it heavily more appealing than the original freewrite, even if it has an inferior keyboard.

Support has been great about getting back to me within a (business) day. So, that seems like a good sign. Also, there still seems to be regular updates. As far as hardware startups like this go, that's the best you can ask for IMO.

I'm optimistic, but I still haven't made the purchase yet. Support also says they are going to keep the 389 pricetag up for "a few more weeks", so I should have some time to think about it.

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