Cooking Rabbit Holes 

It starts with a desire to make pudding. I'm making pretty decent chocolate pudding, and I want to branch out it. So, I order some matcha powder in my next grocery store delivery.

Turns out, they don't have it, but I want this matcha pudding. So, I quickly discover r/matcha, and panic buy some matcha.

My grocery order comes in, and somehow the previous matcha is there. So now, I can go with the original plan.

But... what to do with this other matcha? Turns out in my panic, ordered I learned was a ceremonial matcha (for drinking), rather than culinary matcha (for cooking). So, I accidentally bought an opportunity to dive into the matcha tea drinking world.

This stuff is great. They make my morning. I love the routine that goes into it. I love drinking out of a tiny little bowl. I pair my matcha with some baked cinnamon sugar holes. Also delicious.

I run out of donut holes. But, I still have matcha. I have my routine, and I'll be damned if I have to change it.

So, I buy more donuts? Of course not, because it's not grocery delivery day. Instead, I learn to bake 'em at home. I somehow manage to find a recipe online along a mini muffin tin (what, you *don't* have a mini muffin pan lying around?), and bam!, now I have a weeks supply of homemade cinnamon sugar donuts.

Cooking Rabbit Holes 


Matcha is great stuff, and works even better at waking me up than coffee.

Do you also have the brush for making it foamy? I tried using it once at a public tea tasting, and I failed, which at least provided some entertainment for the Japanese people around me.

Cooking Rabbit Holes 

@ics Nah, no brush. I just use a small whisk.

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