@zensaiyuki Werner's nomenclature of colours: thoughts?

@paul @zensaiyuki This is interesting recreation/extension, if you haven't seen it. Otherwise I don't have any opinions quite yet.

@deianeira This is how I originally stumbled on this book. It's very possible I discovered it through you actually! @zensaiyuki

@paul @deianeira i didn’t know it existed. first pass at an opinion; seems to have fulfilled the need for something like a pantone color guide before such a thing existed. I love swatch books, but I have to confess I think the approach of naming them is flawed if the goal is to create a “standard reference”. the trouble is color, like sound, is something that only exists in the mind, and subjectively affects naming, but also the name affects how the color is percieved.

@paul @deianeira see, for instance, how css “darkgrey” is lighter than css “grey”. I haven’t come across a more detailed analysis of the effect than the xkcd color survey

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